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‘The Bitter Pill’
Dealing with Red Pill Toxicity for the Right Man

What is the Alt-Right?

It is a misnomer and its members are having an identity crisis right now. I’m not one of these men, but count many friends among them.

The dissident right has been offered as an umbrella term for the masculine and morally disaffected minds among us.

However, making sense as it does, now this view has taken people who were previously cast as alternatives to something that did not exist [the phantom American Right] and placing them in the mental box of the disengaging, disgruntled negative aspect of modernity.

I seem to be getting caught up on semantics. But I believe words matter, otherwise I’d jump off the roof with this laptop. Words are passwords to much of the control panel of our mind.

How about just taking the Right—as it is unoccupied—and declaring yourself a Right-thinking man?

I don’t exist politically, but in my mind, I am Far Right. Culturally I’m to the right of everybody I know, everyone I’ve read or read about, except for Genghis Khan in his response to the Papal envoy. I want the same things as the Mongol dude with 200 million plus descendants except for the Lamentations of the Women—I can do without bitches moaning and wailing in the background, thank you.

But the bitterness remains in many of the men I have recently spoken to: Dennis Dale, Adam Smith and Mescaline Franklin—even Luther the outlaw biker—have all expressed a feeling of anger at the overarching slave matrix we exist in. I’ve been trying to fathom this and it finally came to me in a conversation with a fifth man who shall remain unnamed, even by alias.

What is it that makes that red pill taste so bitter that it is coming to be known as the black pill?

It’s the secret to your enemy masters’ success: betrayal.

We tend to only think of betrayal in terms of the mechanics of disloyalty and deception, an act that puts the moral weight of disapproval on the betrayer.

But who really suffers from the betrayal?

If the person is a psychopath, they don’t suffer from the stigma of disappointing you when they betray you.

Some politicians and many military men, I gather, have suffered the inner stigmata of the betrayer when they have had to make a choice between their oath and honor and appeasing the puppet masters above them. But when the apex politicians enter into conclave with their banking masters and are videoed raping innocent children to insure lifelong loyalty, there is no more pain in their soulless minds for the children or for their nation than the leopard feels for the baboon.

But you have not been betrayed by an individual.

You have been betrayed by a system, an internal management system with tendrils in every nation, which has replaced the nation you thought served you so that you could serve the cause of infinite human erasure and dwindle into oblivion as nations, races, congregations, families and souls are all extinguished in their turn.

If you represent the system, there is no betrayal necessary when your enemy believes in fairy tales such as racism, sexism, nationalism, idealism, religion, etc.

However, the sense among those who once believed that police protect and serve, that politicians represent the electorate, that priests stand closer to God, that judges uphold the law, that the greatest war machine ever built is The Department of Defense—all things that make no more sense than the idea that the pimp is the whore’s protector and the casino exists to enrich the gambler—that grinding sense that your nation was once about you and that now it is about erasing you, that serves a very important systemic purpose.

Anger is the best thing you can instill in an enemy, particularly in a weak enemy.

Imagine if the leopard was able to make a baboon angry enough to stand and fight by his lonesome under some tree at dusk?

Imagine the deer hunter who could blow a whistle and piss off bucks so that they would come running into his gunsights?

The bitterness of betrayal is the System’s gambit which will entice you to such indignity that you might cast aside your mask, stand up like the odd nail, and invite the Hammer’s stroke.

Anger has its place, when you are surprised by enemy hands in the dark, when you must strike or die. But in all combat rituals anger serves the psychological bleeder—because that is what the angry person is doing—poorly if at all and most combat arts training is focused on taking anger and fear and sublimating them into fuel to power your engine of survival.

Betrayal is puppet master psychological warfare against the spiritual resistance. Betrayal is an eliciting of the impulse to cast aside the mask that all slaves must wear.

In Joseph Campbell’s Transformations of Myth Through Time he spends his last segment on this subject. I suggest giving it a read or a listen as you get used to the fact that The Policeman is Not Your Friend and that the government has created a criminal class specifically to threaten you, and that against those kind of odds you can’t afford to act out of anger. If anger is your operating principal, you will not succeed in anything.

I cannot find the 13-part lecture on you tube. It is However, transcribed in the book by the same name. Below are some examples of his approach. I much prefer his lectures on history and myth rather than these needling approaches by moderns to milk some practical function from the body of knowledge he discusses.

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Under the God of Things

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Sam J.April 27, 2018 4:18 AM UTC

This is a brilliant article. Really cuts to the chase. I don't believe ignoring them will work though because they are passing laws to grind us down at each turn of the wheel.
responds:April 27, 2018 10:17 AM UTC

Thanks, Sam.

I did an article on this aspect that will be up in a few days concerning suffering without complaint.
Tony CoxApril 26, 2018 7:54 PM UTC

This article is the best analysis of the alt-right that I’ve yet to come across. There is a certain herd mentality present to be pointed out among the alt-right as well.

I can’t help but think that fighting against the progressive wave of lunacy somehow plays into their hands, it serves to validate them.

What makes it all work so well is people’s susceptibility to media influence. Look at Klan membership before and after the film “Birth of a Nation”.

Maybe I’m completely wrong, but ignoring it and discarding it completely seems like the best weapon, other than humor.

You don’t argue with children do you? They are far less powerful and numerous than the media lets on. Leave them to their own echo chamber, and they’ll self destruct that much faster.
Bran Mak SwornApril 26, 2018 1:17 PM UTC

This speaks directly to my soul. Next time we meet we must discuss this very idea.