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Eat Chocolate Before Reading This
By American Psycho

Yo, swallow it down. It was good, eh?

Now get ready to throw it back up:

“A professor at Indiana University dedicated an entire academic journal article to examining Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s marital analingus.

Why exactly does it matter what celebrities do behind closed doors? Well, according to Indiana University professor Dinah Holtzman, it can highlight important trends in cultural feminism.

In an academic journal article entitled “Ass You Lick It: Bey and Jay Eat Cake,” Holtzman argues that Beyoncé’s marital practice of “cake eating,” also known as analingus, is culturally significant and worthy of study for those entrenched in debates on the pop star’s relationship with feminism.

“The Carters’ down-low affirmation of reciprocal analingus is notable because of the larger cultural debates around Beyoncé’s embrace of feminism in late 2013 in the midst of her ‘Mrs. Carter Tour,'” Holtzman wrote.”

Yep, standard Hollywood practice. But who licked whose butt? Were they like dogs taking a turn? To gain enlightenment I turned to the scholarship on the topic:

Ok, I I found an early reference to “egalitarian erotic practices, so they must take turns licking each other’s butt hole. The dogs and cats of America would approve.

Here is a nice video clip promoting racial harmony by another Black female singer, beloved by feminists:

PS: Isn’t it about time that we closed down the universities? They are the source of much of our misery. Teach medicine in medical schools, engineering in engineering schools etc. etc., and just eliminate the Arts/Humanities and Social Sciences. Throw these fuckers out on their fannies. Spread the idea.

Turd America

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Sam J.April 29, 2018 6:24 AM UTC

(((Dinah Holtzman))), Jews are obsessed with anuses.
BobApril 27, 2018 10:39 PM UTC

Jay Holtzman, Dinah's father:

"My parents generally voted Democratic as most Jews did. They did not have Gentile friends even though we lived in an entirely Gentile neighborhood. My friends at school were Gentiles, but I had this other set of friends through the synagogue, so I was living a split life even in those days. One of my worlds was secret. My parents didn't know about my five-year love affair with the girl who sat next to me in class who came from an extremely rigid, fundamentalist Christian family."

Just saying.