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White Slave, Negro Freeman?
Mining the Greatest Lie Ever Sold for the Truth: Part 2

Were European Americans held in Bondage in Plantation America even as African Americans were able to work their way free?

We have been taught in this nation since 1943 that whites were only subjected to time slavery for a fixed number of years and provided with the opportunity to buy themselves free. We are likewise taught that blacks were all slaves for life and had no chance for manumission other than the kindness of their masters.

Although beyond the scope of this short piece, it is a fact that numerous Southern States, beginning as early as the 1790s, took measures to prevent slave owners from setting their black Americans free upon their death. Indeed, the first case study was George Washington, the Father of this Goddamned Nation, whose wish to free his blacks upon his death was not honored by the state of Virginia by request of his wife.

1714-1764, South Carolina

In this 50 year period, the hellish slave colony of South Carolina, by most held as the worst place to be a slave or a slave owner, passed 10 mandates to expand the importation of white slaves and curb the importation of black slaves.

1723, Virginia

The right of free Negroes to vote was repealed.

1750, London, An Act of Parliament

In Georgia, whose Scottish founders had initially banned slavery, it was stipulated by an act of Parliament that for every four negroes held in bondage, there must be at least one white man of military age also held in bondage.

1797, Baltimore City Ordinance

Due to the large numbers of West Indian Negro slaves imported into the city since 1793 and their violent nature, West Indians Negroes were deemed “dangerous to the peace and welfare of the city,” and all owners of such slaves were ordered to release or sell them and if they did not the city authorities would seize said West Indians and either auction or banish them from the city.

1835, North Carolina

The right of free Negroes to vote was repealed.

1858, North Carolina

Judge Manly affirmed in a bench ruling that “The system of rewards” by which Negro slaves were paid for “overtime” work, was not against the laws of the state and were within the interests of the keeping of the peace.

Prominent Negroes Who Bought Their Own Freedom

-Andrew Bryon

-Lott Cary

-Richard Allen

-Absalom Jones

-Denmark Versey

-Venture Smith

-Gustavus Vassa

-Fanny J. Coppin

-Lunsford Lane

-Peter Still

-James Beadley

-James W. C. Pennington

Some of these folks also freed one or more family members once they had attained their own freedom

Taking the above facts into perspective, is it reasonable to state that whites were not true slaves because there were provisions for their emancipation through time served?

How many ways are we supposed to parse down freedom until the concept is meaningless?

It was clearly a legislated fact that whites were desired as slaves by the English government over blacks. Based on the fact that former white slaves in the Americas revolted successfully against Great Britain and that thousands of blacks fought on the British side and were emancipated, it would seem that Great Britain was in the business of playing off one race against the other.

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