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Crackpot Ep 33 - The For-Profit Worship of Human Beings

James and Lynn discuss the for-profit worship of human beings, Protestant vs. Catholic Christianity and its descent into libertarian materialism. What does materialism mean? What are the alternatives?

The Crackpot Podcast features the gnostic shaman of violence James LaFond and middle aged housewife Lynn Lockhart.

0:00:30 James' furnishings

0:05:00 Future podcast topics

0:06:07 Today's topic: Materialism

0:10:00 Shout to Jacob in Sweden, James admires Donald Trump and Native Americans, torture

0:15:50 A feared but admired enemy, Hernando de Soto

0:16:40 Did Evola believe that war was the ultimate transcendental act for the warrior? Evola's types of warfare, spiritual balance vs casualty counts

0:20:30 Romans ruled the known world with 150k men

0:22:40 Examples from the ancient world, but first, a knife and rum interlude

0:24:04 Hadon of Ancient Opar

0:28:24 Gilgamesh and Enkidu, He

0:30:35 Early conceptions of afterlife

0:33:07 How does each generation discover the secrets of understanding?

0:38:16 Achilles and Agamemnon

0:40:42 Myceneaan Lion Gatway

0:43:42 Church refugee mills, birthrates and slavery, for-profit worship of human beings

0:50:20 Link Paranormies

0:51:00 Libertarianism and Protestantism

0:55:30 Do people with less connection with the physical world also have less connection with the spiritual world? Jessica Jones review, stick training for security work

1:04:30 Politics vs. corporatism, letter from BC, Bart's amazing Taboo You Facebook Page

1:09:25 Individual actors are valuable to the collective

1:11:23 Very little bit of Trump talk, for Jacob from Sweden. Donald Trump the outlaw president

1:13:00 Chuck and how to be against the news, E. Michael Jones, Harm City updates and closing words

Listen at the link below and check out the preshow notes which Lynn sent me while I was drunk half out of my mind.

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Sam J.May 1, 2018 3:54 AM UTC

Thanks for the podcast. Here's my favorite new video that sums up my feeling about the state of our country.

I think why we tolerate all this killing is we don't see it. Because we're fighting for the Jews they don't show it on the news.

Corporations are better than humans, People. Corporations can get special tax breaks, if they kill someone they only pay fines and they have all the rights to spend as much as they want on political campaigns.

I've had jobs where they wanted me to carry a radio all the time. I just ignored them. If they want me to be tied to a radio they would have to pay me. It's actually the law. They don't have to pay you minimum wage but they do have to pay. Most employers don't pay but want you always be on call.