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Suicide Update.

“Ephemeral wretch, begotten by accident and toil, why do you force me to tell you what would be your greatest boon not to hear? What would be best for you is quite beyond your reach: not to have been born, not to be, to be nothing. But the second best is to die soon.”

From The Birth of Tragedy by Friedrich Nietzsche, 1872

“They tell us that suicide is the greatest piece of cowardice... that suicide is wrong; when it is quite obvious that there is nothing in the world to which every man has a more unassailable title than to his own life and person.”

-Arthur Schopenhauer, 1788-1860, German Philosopher

“Nature shows that with the growth of intelligence comes increased capacity for pain, and it is only with the highest degree of intelligence that suffering reaches its supreme point.”

-Arthur Schopenhauer, 1788-1860, German Philosopher,

This guy has lived a long, long life, and now he wants it to end. His health is failing and he is becoming increasingly feeble. According to the actuarial tables used by the insurance companies the annual mortality rate from natural causes among centenarians approaches 100%. So statistically all this dude has to do is wait. But he can’t seem to catch a break, can he? He just keeps on going, like the Energizer bunny. Well, he’s tired of waiting for the Lord to take him and has decided to ‘take arms against a sea of troubles, And, by opposing, end them’. He just celebrated his 104th birthday, is he going to have a wake too before he flies off to Switzerland to die? Any excuse for a party I always say. However being an intelligent, aware and educated man, a scientist, this gentlemen probably tends to overthink things, incline toward solipsism and thereby misses the point.

Interestingly enough over a hundred years ago the suicide rate among the elderly was much higher than it is today. Back then old people often found themselves poor and alone and too sick and feeble to care for themselves. So they would often decide to end it all, at greater rates than is occurring in our current era. Life was much more difficult for the old without electricity, telephones, automobiles, television and all the labor saving appliances available to us nowadays. On the other hand back in those bad old days most people tended to die relatively young from illness, accident and acts of violence, and thus avoided the trials and tribulations of extreme age. Like the Lakota use to say, better to die in battle, young and strong, the old have a hard life. In fact in 1935 when Social Security was enacted the average life expectancy for Americans was 64, a year under the eligibility age to draw a Social Security pension at the time. The government didn’t expect that many citizens would live long enough to draw on Social Security. Typical, our legislators made a promise to each and every American they did not expect to have to keep. Oh well, put not your trust in men.

A scientist just turned 104. His birthday wish is to die.

Anarcho-Tranny Update.

5 Facts About Mass Shootings That The Gun Control Fanatics Don’t Want You to See

· John Hawkins

Anarcho-Tyranny Update.

Where have all the cowboys gone?

Didn’t the perp know that guns are illegal in Mexico? Well anyway he obligingly turned his back on the dude in the cowboy hat when another person entered the room and was promptly taken down.

Samaritan Tackles Armed Robber in Mexico

Drug War Update.

100 kilos of meth seized at Toronto's Pearson airport

Anarcho-Tyranny Update.

Three men armed with an AR 15 rifle and a 9mm handgun fight off a home invasion crew of seven, killing one of the perpetrators and wounding two others.

Lesson Learned # 1: AR 15 style rifles ARE good for home defense.

"The cops are the experts on the current criminal trends. If they have determined that a "high capacity" semiautomatic pistol and a .223 semiautomatic rifle with 30-round magazines are the best firearms for them to use to protect people like me and my family, they are obviously the best things for us to use to protect ourselves and our families."

Massad Ayoob, Combat Firearms Expert

Lesson Learned # 2: Home invaders may pose as the police.

“Three men say they were asleep inside a mobile home in Glen St. Mary about 4 a.m. Sunday when they heard a voice outside yell “Sheriff’s Office!” before the front door burst open.”

Lesson Learned # 3: Nothing good comes from posting stuff on social media.

"The feud was fueled by derogatory and threatening rhetoric between the two groups on social media platforms and eventually escalated to this shooting," the Sheriff's Office wrote on Facebook.”

Imagine if they would have had Facebook and Twitter back in the days of the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s? LOL!

Deputies: 30 rounds fired from AR-15 in deadly Florida home invasion

Incident stemmed from ongoing feud between two groups, investigators say

Man’s Best Friend Update.

OK: Armed Neighbor Saves Woman Attacked by Pack of Dogs

Man’s Best Friend Update.

“Just shoot him!”

Omaha man shoots and kills dog that had latched onto neighbor's hand

Man’s Best Friend Update.

Who cried wolf? Attack leaves more than 40 sheep slaughtered in Germany

Bitchez be Crazy Update.

Doctor allegedly threatened to slit employees’ throats, cut heads off

Marian Antoinette Patterson Lowndes County Sheriff's Office

Bitchez be Crazy Update.

Is that a pistol in your vagina or are you glad to see me?

Plea Deal For Woman With Gun In Body Cavity

Cops: Loaded weapon was found during strip search at Illinois jail

Other examples of concealed cooter shooters.

Good Morning, Dindustan!: Urban Life at the End of Caucasian Time

The Streets Have Eyes

How the Ghetto Got My Soul

Rubbing Out Palefaces

Moral Minority Survival at the End of Caucasian Time Paperback

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