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The White Slave Letter
‘Unconquered’ A Hollywood Epic Based on an English Slave Girl's Life

Was camping up in NW PA this weekend. Stayed up in a place called Cook Forest. There was a placard in the visitor area that mentioned the movie "Unconquered" by Cecil B Demille. It offered a brief synopsis that caught my attention. It might catch yours as well....

-Nero the Pict, Patreon Supporter

The Lost White Slave Film

The Wikipedia entry above falsely claims that the plot of the novel and the film Unconquered, was a woman’s “indentured servitude.” However, further down in the listing one finds the truth, smothered beneath the massive weight of lie that is American History.

The Holden’s of Virginia had the following family history, recorded in a letter from 1862.

"My great-grandmother was a slave. She was white. She was an English girl. Yet she was exhibited and sold at auction, not by barbarous Algerian but by the brutal laws of her own people. For it was even possible, in those days, for a man who had grown weary of his wife to put a rope around her neck, lead her to a public market, and there sell her.

This girl was a virgin. She was accused of murder, tried, found guilty, sentenced to the gallows-and then given the harsh choice of death by hanging or of slavery. (In a court in London) To live was to hope. She chose life, and so became the property of a man who lusted for her, though he had a wife.

She was young when these things happened-only seventeen-and it is said that she was very lovely. I tell you of her so that you may see how far a journey we have come from the day when, in America, a white girl could be sold and bought as you would sell or buy a cow, a horse, a dog - could be lawfully and publicly stripped naked, whipped, shamed, and degraded"

Wife Selling

In the link below, this custom is obscured by claiming that wives enjoyed being sold and that wife auctions were “genial affairs.” However, the truth is easily mined from the rubble of the lie.

The practice of selling your used wife to the highest bidder was based on the practice of parents selling their daughters, as well as kidnapping victims [thousands by the order of Oliver Cromwell] who were rounded up and sold to ship captains, who then sold them as wives or maids.

Into Wicked Company

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