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‘The Forest for the Black-Ass Trees’
Carbon Mike Introduces His Pet White Devil Online

The "link" button goes through to your Amazon page, because you do this shit for a living—but there's also a link in the text to your blog. Hope you like the writeup, brother!

There's just enough in that writeup to piss off the white dudes who can't see the forest for the black-ass trees. That's just how I do.

The anti-manhood brigade strikes again, this time in Texas:

Some people in the comment section for that article (Texans, I presume) have pointed out that Austin is part of Texas by geography only; that ideologically, it's more like East California. If true, then that's a relief, because if Texas goes sissy on us, we're pretty much screwed.

In any case, I already have a formula for those who want to avoid "restrictive masculinity": wear boxers instead of briefs. Or better yet, go freemason.

When I think about Charlie Gard and now Alfie Evans, I want to hoist the black flag and start slitting throats…

-Carbon Mike

Carbon Mile, I am thrilled that you have treated your pet white devil as a subject worthy of discourse!

Speaking of black flags and piracy, that was the original racial alliance between Euro-Americans and African-Americans. Between 1690 and 1730 the Age of the Black Flag, the Age of Piracy flourished. The crews were almost entirely made up of escaped slaves and unpaid and discharged slave sailors. 2 thirds were white slaves and 1 third were black slaves and they had democratic tribal contracts. The only place where blacks were treated as equals in Plantation America was on pirate ships. Now that whites are the moral inferiors according to the New World Order, I suppose we should seek alliances with the disenfranchised members of the superior race.

Carbon Mile is my connection.

Maybe he should be yours.

PS: Carbon Mike is working on a masculine self-sufficiency video site. We’ll keep you up to date on that.

The GQ Mugging Inquest: A Study in Masculine Culture

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LaManoMay 3, 2018 4:22 PM UTC

That IS a great writeup! I copied it to paste it over here but then realized that might not be a good thing to do in the click-count Internet world ... so anyone reading this comment head for "Future Radio" ....