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Keeping Palefaces in Check
By the Butthole Surfer


This was my long comment on the Warlords of the Apocalypse thread:

Adding to Bob's comments, several things keep whites in check:

1) US whites have an average wealth of $110k versus blacks' $5k. Whites actually work and have stuff. Blacks get all their money from welfare. Even the $5k is probably stuff that can be sold-off like cars bought on credit. You can always give all of your money to your wife or relatives. The government says it all belongs to your wife anyways.

2) The thought of becoming a Great White Defendant. Our prison and "justice" system is predicated on the idea that whites commit small numbers of crimes per capita. Blacks and Hispanics commit crimes at much higher rates. The government is faced with the decision to build many more prisons or let more of them go. The Press has conditioned us to reject the idea of policing Black bodies because the government doesn't have the money to build more prisons nor the stomach to hang violent blacks. There is, however, a huge cost to losing control of whites. If we collectively chimp out, much chaos could result since we're a much larger percentage of the population and the government needs our taxes. Thus they charge us as the Great White Defendant. Even this may be a paper tiger though. I don't know how much time white defendants actually serve for a given sentence. Someone should study this. Maybe me.

Personally, when it comes to self-defense and the Bill of Rights, I say it's high past-time we start massive NONVIOLENT civil disobedience since the Left will barely let us open our mouths or defend our families. Methods are outlined in Kit Perez' new book on resistance.

Some ideas are refusing to talk to the cops in the case your neighbor shoots a dindu, refusing to talk to the cops when YOU shoot a dindu (Zimmerman spilled his guts to the cops and was tried; look at how many blacks like that pro football player beat charges just by saying, "I dindu nuffin!), and refusing to convict whites of any violent crimes when serving on a jury.

3) Whites fear of going to prison because of their fear of violence. This has got to stop. First of all, a greater understanding of violence and how to use it keeps you from having to engage in it. James is living proof of this and he never carries a gun. Even criminals who carry don't go buck-wild in every situation. Many of them issue beat-downs, stabbings, or other measures.

4) Belief that this system of one law for whites and another law for non-whites is going to change despite decades of proof to the contrary. Sorry, English cops have no intention of prosecuting any Moslems. Samuel Culper thinks the cops and government will just gradually cede control to shari'ah courts. This is what American patriots did in 1774 before regular warfare began.

5) Belief in the nation-state. We've known nothing else for centuries, but that all has to change. Afrikaners STILL think they have some bargaining power with their government despite its calls for genocide. Sorry, but it's time to go full-Suidlander and forget about the government helping.

Whites may or may not be doomed. I have no idea. I DO know that the nation-state system of government depends on whites to exist. Without us, there is no other group of people to tax at rates high-enough to pay bureaucrats' pensions. This is playing out right now in CA.

Know your natural rights, be zealous for them, practice them whether its legal or not . Try not to get caught. Your ancestors' future depends on your actions now, gentlemen. Consider that an Ohio court just ordered parents to cede custody of a child to grandparents so the child could undergo gender reassignment because of the persuasion of daughters. In Europe, elites are bringing Muslims in to rape European daughters. Aren't our backs against a wall?

Under the God of Things

Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism

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BobMay 5, 2018 4:51 AM UTC

Cleon Peterson deserves some eye-ball time. He really seems to embody the zeitgeist. Today Baltimore, tomorrow the world.
BobMay 5, 2018 1:13 AM UTC

Much thanks to Obama's palpable animus towards them, whites are increasingly aware that the government/media/academia complex's systematic attempts at their disenfranchisement are along ethnic and not religious, cultural or ideological lines. Nothing they can do or think will alleviate the hurt.

Guns count for far less than hearts and minds. Whether the finger goes on the trigger or the TV remote is the hard one to call.
BobMay 5, 2018 12:39 AM UTC

Never forget William Tell, a real Mensch!
BobMay 5, 2018 12:37 AM UTC

That's a great quip Sam, but neither the Swiss nor the Germans believed anything like that. Try to imagine an Afghanistan-style morass but with chalets instead of mudhuts.
Sam J.May 4, 2018 1:06 PM UTC

This is good advice. I think one of the things that stop us from being effective is the hunt for status. The Jews often attack people and don't make any personal claim that they did so. Everyone knows the Jews did it but not who the individual was that did so. It's very effective. Whites attack and seem to want to get caught so they can "get their war cry on"...or whatever. If we were to start burying our egos and randomly attacking the people who are making us miserable they would be fucked. There's a lot of us and we're a crafty ass bunch. If every White person did one attack it would be over. Like the Swiss said when they were asked what they would do if Hitler invaded,"Everyone would fire one shot then go home".
Sam J.May 4, 2018 11:22 AM UTC

Good advice.