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Knife & Gun Control News
Radio Free Dindustan, Jeremy Bentham Reporting

Murderbowl Update.

ATF agent shot in head in Chicago, sparking manhunt

the increased use of rifles by gang bangers.

“In Back of the Yards, ATF agents have teamed with Chicago police to investigate gang-related rifle shootings that have become more common over the last two years. The Tribune has reported that more than 140 people were shot — 50 of them fatally — from the fall of 2016 to the end of 2017 by gang members wielding rifles as their use spread across the South and Southwest sides.”

ATF agent is 4th officer shot in Back of the Yards in a year: 'You will not get away with this'

Who Shot Chicago ATF Agent In The Face? (Hint: Hispanic Neighbourhood)

Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson and ATF Special Agent-in-Charge Celinez Nunez talk about the agent who was shot and wounded in Back of the Yards on Friday, May 4, 2018.

Second Amendment Update.

No controversy over gun control in Maryland. The people there have already surrendered their right to self-defense. In fact Maryland stands as an exemplar of the sort of restrictive gun control laws the Globalist Left wants to impose on the rest of America.

This is nothing new of course. Baltimore/Maryland has been unfriendly to civilian self-defense for some time now. For an example, see the case of the Baltimore businessmen, Kenny Der and Darrell Kifer, who were charged with murder for killing a burglary suspect in 2001.

On 06/30/2001 9:30 PM, working late, Der and Kifer heard a crash coming from upstairs. They armed themselves and went to investigate, whereupon they encountered an intruder, later identified as Tygon Walker, 37, heroin addict and career criminal. When confronted by the two businessmen on in the dark, dimly lit second floor warehouse the suspect faced them and said ”I’m going to kill you motherfuckers". He then brought up a dark object he was holding by his left side moving it towards the pair of business owners. Not waiting to see whether said dark object would launch a bullet at them, Der and Kifer proceeded to launch bullets of their own in the intruder’s direction, putting six .45 slugs and three loads of 12 Gauge OO buckshot into him. When the intruder hit the floor and the smoke cleared Der and Kifer discovered that the object the intruder held was a black steel hammer. They promptly called 911 to report the incident. Five months later they were indicted by a Baltimore City Grand Jury for first degree murder. The chief prosecutor for the district contended that Der and Kifer acted out of malice because they were frustrated and angry at having their business establishment burglarized so much, often on a daily basis. Among other considerations that indicated malice, the prosecutor said that the pair did not attempt to retreat from the confrontation as Maryland law requires a citizen to do (no ‘castle doctrine’ or ‘stand your ground’ laws in Maryland, then or since). Both Der and Kifer decided to opt for a 'bench trial’, in which there would be no jury, and the judge would rule on their innocence or guilt, as well as on the applicable law. Baltimore Circuit Judge John M. Glynn found both Der and Kifer not guilty “seconds after attorneys finished their closing arguments”.

“The Der and Kifer case is one of a handful of Maryland self-defense killings in which the gunmen have not been held legally responsible for murder.’

Gun control may divide country, but Maryland is in purple haze, poll finds

Judge acquits two men who shot intruder

Harford businessmen said they acted in self-defense at Baltimore warehouse. `Case was an injustice'. With jury trial waived, judge says state failed to prove act was murder

“I’m going to kill you!” It’s a Gun!... Or is it? The Der/Kifer Incident – The Ayoob Files by Massad Ayoob – American Handgunner SEP/OCT 2003 Issue.

PDF file of issue available for $2.00 USD.

Second Amendment Update.

“Other critics say constitutional carry would put law enforcement at risk, but the bill's author says that shouldn't be put above a citizen's right. "I do not support the rights of law enforcement to feel not threatened or safe to the detriment of my own constitutional rights," said Rep. Jeff Coody, the bill's author.”

OK: Constitutional Carry Passes House, 59-28

Murderbowl Update.

Harm City take an early lead because of the warm Spring weather in the Mid-Atlantic, but Chiraq comes back strong as the upper Mid-West thaws out.

Nearly 40 shot over three days in Chicago, including young mother, 4-year-old girl, teen on CTA bus

Life in Dindustan / Anarcho-Tyranny Update.

Nothing good comes from posting stuff on social media.

Woman shot dead after money flaunted on social media: cops

Robbers shot and killed Zion woman while seeking lawsuit money displayed in online video, court records say

Life in Dindustan / Anarcho-Tyranny Update.

Killed with a box cutter. Box cutters (AKA utility knives or Stanley knives) are everywhere. They might not seem all that deadly to the layman, given that they have such a thin and diminutive blade. Nevertheless, quite a few people are killed with box cutters each and every year, including police officers. In this case a deep slash to the abdomen with the razor edge seemed to do the trick.

Frontier Airlines cleaner 'fatally stabs co-worker, 24, during a fight over break room light inside Philadelphia Airport terminal'

· Police say a 35-year-old Worldwide Flight Services employee stabbed his 28-year-old colleague in the stomach with a box cutter

· Incident happened in break room on the tarmac near Gate E6 at Philadelphia International Airport

· Investigators say one worker turned off a break room light, angering a colleague

· Victim was rushed to a hospital but could not be saved; suspect was arrested

By Snejana Farberov For

Published: 14:52 EDT, 3 May 2018 | Updated: 15:25 EDT, 3 May 2018

An argument over a break room light between a group of workers at Philadelphia International Airport ended with one stabbing another to death on Thursday morning.

The stabbing involving three Frontier Airlines contractors occurred around 11.30am in a break room on the tarmac near Gate E6 in what city police say was a 'secure area.'

Investigators say one worker turned off a break room light, angering a colleague. The third worker soon pulled out a knife, cutting one of the men across the abdomen.

The injured worker, aged 28, was taken to Presbyterian Hospital in critical condition suffering from a wound to his stomach likely inflicted by a box cutter. The victim later succumbed to his injuries.

Scroll down for video



A fight broke out between workers on the tarmac near Gate E6 at Philadelphia International Airport (pictured), leaving one person dead from stab wounds

The 35-year-old suspect in the stabbing initially fled the scene, but airport police were able to capture him and take him into custody.

The workers' names were not released, and it wasn’t known what charges the alleged attacker may be facing.

CBS Philadelphia reported, citing police sources, that both the suspect and victim were Worldwide Flight Services employees, who are contracted by Frontier Airlines to clean planes.

No passengers were involved in the incident and no flights were impacted.

'The Frontier Airlines family is saddened to learn about this event and our hearts go out to those touched by the tragedy. We have reached out to WFS to assist them in any way possible as they deal with this incident,' the airline said in a statement.

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From the ‘just when you think you’ve got it bad department’…

Ont. man shot in face details near-death experience

Do knife wielding attackers ever hold their weapon in the ‘ice pick grip’? Apparently they do.

Heroic Barber Steps In To Stop Stabbing

A 66-year-old man is seen on video attacking his 38-year-old wife with what appears to be a screwdriver inside a barber shop in Hamilton Heights. A barber stepped in to help save the woman. CBS2's Jenna DeAngelis reports.

Anarcho-Tyranny /Knife Rights Update.

’’These formidable instruments, with their sheaths mounted in silver, are the pride of Arkansas blood, and got their name of Bowie knives from a conspicuous person of this fiery climate’’

– George Featherstonehaugh, 1780-1866, British geologist, geographer and surveyor, November 1834

“We are different psychologies – different brain programs. We would give everyone guns, and let the good guys kill the bad guys. The rabbits want everyone to survive, even the criminal savages who are trying to kill everyone. We are comfortable with some level of Darwinian selection, they cannot tolerate it. Those are evolutionarily imbued urges and perceptions…There is no reasoning with liberals. They are, for all practical purposes, a different species.

– Anonymous Conservative 08/23/2016

This poor woman’s son was murdered with a bowie knife that was wielded by a racist, dindu lunatic when it was illegal to carry a bowie knife in public in Texas. So of course now she wants to make it illegal again to carry bowie knives in public, as if this will stop any murders when it didn’t in the first place. I guess what she really wants is to ‘uninvent’ bowie knives, to wish them away, so bad people, like the one who murdered her son, won’t be able to figure out how to hurt anybody and will just stay home. Baring that though it appears she will settle for enacting all kinds of restrictive ordinances on knives that only law-abiding people would follow in the first place, making them all the more vulnerable to attack by other homicidal lunatics.

More and more people have come to the realization that we live under a regime of Anarcho-Tyranny. The authorities are unable and unwilling to protect society from the criminals and lunatics they have allowed to move freely among us. Consequently more people in the country have become open to the idea of ‘leveling the playing field’ and making weapons for self-defense more available to average citizens. is a lobbying group that has done yeoman’s service behind the scenes in repealing antiquated and classist laws that restrict the rights of citizens to keep and bear knives. Laws that have done little to nothing to prevent crimes committed with knives and have exposed honest citizens to arrest on trumped-up charges. Edged weapons are protected by the Second Amendment as much as firearms, but this is a protection that has been observed more in the breech than in the observance.

Mom of Son Murdered with Banned Knife Wants to Reinstate Same Ban that Killer Ignored

The Logic of Steel Paperback


The Logic of Force


Let the World Fend for Itself

Big Ron's Baltimore: A Working Man's View of Urban Blight

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Once that anchoring left arm is engaged, you're almost certain to become the pin-cushion.
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Here's a non-defective link for the Hamilton barbershop stabbing. El buen samaritano was lucky El Gordo had eyes only for his wife, otherwise he'd be very dead. Wrestling with a knife-attacker who's bigger and stronger is crazy.