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Spiritual Warriors
By Teutonic Fist
Just listend to two episodes of crackpot while being wasted after listening to some German folklore music that in a traditional sense gets me riled up after the mayday events.
Point is, episode 33 at 59:00 whats a spiritual warrior.
There are a few characters in german history that fit this description at the time of reformation. My favorite as a Lutheran is Georg of Frundsberg, mercenary commander who met luther at his process telling him "little monk you choose a hard path", and who later on invaded Italy with a golden noose on his saddle. There was this movie made about those Italian events named "the medici warrior", told from the perspective of these damned papists you can find it on youtube. Its a real good historical movie despite the critiques who are spoiled by Hollywood bullshit.
Second of these saints is Götz von Berlichingen, also mercanary commarder who coined the German proverb "kiss my arse" (leck my am arsch)((lick my ass)) and he also was one of the first who joined the protestant movement. You know where I am going with this. Without military support, the Reformation would have went nowhere. Simply because Luther said that war folk can be of blessed stand. That is the greatest revolution in a spiritual sense since the first warrior was promissed Valhalla. You need these decent killers for hire on your side at one point. There is a monument in Bavaria for all the heros of our peoples, the Walhalla in Bavaria, and Frundsberg is among them. Simply because they were doing what they did. Frundsberg was a fatherly figure, losing his own children ealry on, to his men. He was a classical warlord in the aryan sense. He sold his family silver so that he can pay his troops and for that they respected him. You couldn't find a guy a like that today even through I think Eric Prince, the Blackwater guy, comes every, every close to him, talking on Breitbart radio show about elitist phedo rings and shit like that.
Point is, no idea has any value if there ain't professionals and guns backing it up. And by the way, this sperm cocktail you mentioned earlier, I read about that in "sperm wars" and "sex at damn". There is also another book "sex and war" by Malcolm Potts about said topic.
Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism
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PRMay 10, 2018 12:53 AM UTC

Excellent observations. Also, Frederick the Wise's hauskarls protected Luther after the Diet of Worms. They were tough dudes. Thank God someone fought the damn Papists who were killing Protestants in Italy, France, Scotland, Germany, and Bohemia.

One of the first gentile converts to Christianity was a Centurion. Centurions were, amongst other things, very good at killing. In numerous places, Old Testament saints were commanded to fight and some were praised for fighting in the "hall of faith" in Hebrews 11. "Just war theory" is a Christian idea.

Can you post a link to Erik Prince's interview with Breitbart radio? I suspect the guy knows the score at this point: the West is collapsing. He's setting up what comes next.

Erik, if you're reading this, let's talk. I have numerous skills that might be of use to you.