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Urban Wasting
Baltimore Has Lost 24 Quality Restaurants in 3 Months


In the first quarter of the Murderbowl the Harm City Hoodrats made such an impressive slaughter that the venders catering to hipster spectators have folded. In every gentrified enclave in the city proprietors are finding it increasingly difficult to draw suburban customers. These merchants point to violence, racial harassment and other aspects of the ongoing PURGE, yet to be reported on by the media. Yet, the reporter and the economists they interviewed disagree with the business owners as to why they closed down!

You be the judge.

Regis Ten O Six restaurant, where I ate in the late 90s, is now gone. Federal Hill, flagship gentrification symbol of Baltimore, cannot hold on to its premier establishment.


Baltimore lost 74, restaraunts, dropping from 1,613-1,539.

That 4.6% reduction in eateries compares poorly to 5.7% increase in eateries nation wide.

The loss was 6.7% in 2017.

The loss is so far 8.1% in 2018.

If Baltomore continues to lose restaurants at the currentrate through 1919, 288 establishments will disappear.

This is an ebony problem. In entirely innocent areas of the city, where evil palefaces number less than 10% of the residents, there is no place one can sit down and eat or drink. Everything is carryout, with people walking and standing on the street as they eat and drink.

2018: Moral Collapse

What else appeared on the front page of The Baltimore Sun, this fine morning, other than the restaurant closure article, in which the reporter tried to play down real closing reasons for feel good academic theories?


While ebony avengers fill city gutters with corpses and drive businesses out of town, the city administration is more concerned with what is apparently an invasion of evil Autobot vehicles, terrorizing the good people of this insane city.

If I were writing the article I would have pointed out that if the Harm City Hoodrats continue at their championship pace, that wholesalers will no longer have to send trucks of food and drink into the blooming food desert.

The other notable item, consisted of a two-sentence footnote on the gunning down of a star athlete, who helped with his father's painting business and was a highly regarded leader in football and lacrosse at the city's finest magnet high school. The story was buried in the middle of the paper.

THE SCORE IS, as of 5/7/2018:

The Harm City Hoodrats are hitting 97, leading the Urban League.

The Baltimore Orioles have the worst record in Major League Baseball.

Which team are you thinking will go all the way?

The family of 17-year-old Ray Glasgow III has my condolences.

A Once Great Medieval City: 2016: Impressions of Baltimore Maryland

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PRMay 10, 2018 1:09 AM UTC


Those blast walls are the future for los Estados Unidos. Nothing beats a wall to separate feuding parties.

I love how the press always claims to know better than the people they interview. "UHHHH, OUR SOURCES SAY RESTAURANTS ARE MOVING OUT FOR OTHER REASONS THAN BLACK CRIME."

Here's another example. Afrikaner farmers claim to be targeted for ethnic cleansing by their black government. The press interviews an ANC rep who, unsurprisingly, denies everything. Of course, Julius Malema and others have said that the time for ethnic cleansing is soon. The press could've figured that out if they were at all curious. More likely, they know but it doesn't fit the narrative:
TWMay 9, 2018 9:46 AM UTC

Suburbanites are not coming into the city exactly bc of crime risk. Why should they? A friend, who's son now is moving into the family restaurant business in FP, told me a few months back of an armed car-jacking in broad daylight in FH; never made the news. They off-loaded 4 establishments under their control and kept the Primary, but since the RIOTs the historical business incomes are off by $30%...that's not sustainable even with a good product and package. I don't see any material change happening anytime as usual.
Jeremy BenthamMay 8, 2018 4:03 PM UTC

James, ironically enough Baghdad is enjoying much better nightlife than Harm City.

"Welcome To Partytown, Baghdad - Fifteen years after the US invasion, and the war against ISIS, the Iraqi capital is alive and buzzing, with bars and restaurants open 'til the early morning."

Of course the secret is that the Iraqi government succeeded in killing off most of the trouble-makers there. And the majority of the people in Baghdad are glad for it.

You know Baghdad has a lot of movable 15 foot tall reinforced concrete blast walls for sale now. Perhaps Harm City should consider buying them. Placed at strategic locations they could help stop stray bullets, making if safer to go out to eat at night, eh?