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Negropolis News 5/8/2018
Radio Free Dindustan Special Report

Anarcho-Tyranny Update.

"Showing up is eighty percent of life"

-Woody Allen, quoted by the New York Times, August 21, 1977

“African-Americans — who historically have had a strained relationship with the Police Department — make up close to a third of Chicago’s population but only about a fifth of the police force. Department officials say a large percentage of African-Americans who apply for a job with the department simply don’t show up to take the entrance test.”

What is probably also militating against the recruiting of black police officers by large metropolitan police forces like Chicago, Milwaukee, Baltimore and others is the fact that a motivated black candidate with a clean record and all the educational requirements could very easily secure a much less dangerous job with a police force in the suburbs or a small to medium sized city with a majority white population. Such police forces would be glad to hire such candidates. Why? Because ‘diversity’, that’s why.

Despite hiring push, Chicago police still falling short in attracting black officers

Chicago officer who has shot the most people is a black woman.

Milwaukee Police Department struggles to increase diversity in the ranks

State obstacle course for police recruits under fire - Some say climbing wall discriminates against women

Policing While White

Street Justice in Harm City.

“Police said they are classifying the incident as a homicide at this time.”

One of the reasons why justifiable homicides are greatly under-reported in the USA.

Would-be robber fatally stabbed by intended victim, police say

Investigators do not plan to charge victim

Harm City Update.

More anti-self-defense laws for MD.

Maryland – HB 1302 “Seize the Guns First, Ask Questions Later”

“Basically, under that bill as it became law, virtually anyone can ask a law enforcement officer to file an ex parte petition with a state district court judge or commissioner and allege that the gun owner poses an immediate danger to himself/herself or others because (and only because) he or she possesses firearms. If the court issues the order, the police can show up on the doorstep and seize the person’s firearms without notice or warning.”

Maryland Gov. Hogan Signs “Red Flag” Gun Control Bills Into Law!

Harm City Update.

“What should have been a 10-minute traffic stop took almost an hour and caused several officers to leave their own posts and duties, endangering other civilians and officers.”

Dispatches from the Negropolis. Driving while black in Harm City.

Once again we learn that it is unrealistic, racist even, to expect black people to abide by laws and regulations enacted by white people. Especially not the duly appointed Chairman of the Community Oversight Task Force. What were the police thinking about? They should have released the Reverend Chairman McKenstry immediately. As soon they saw that he was a black man. Just imagine how many real crimes were committed, committed with impunity no doubt, while said police officers were preoccupied for nearly an hour with this insignificant traffic stop. Or maybe that was the purpose of the exercise.

FOP calls on Baltimore mayor to 'reconsider' appointment of police oversight official after tense traffic stop

Baltimore officer bodycam video of Marvin McKenstry Jr., the chair of the Community Oversight Task Force, being given several ticket violations by Sergeant Terrance McGowan in a stop that was nearly an hour long.

Welcome to Harm City, White-Boy

Dawn in Dindustan

Conducting the Moral Autopsy 0f a Nation

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