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Sweet Meteor of Death!
A Radio Free Dindustan Report

Apocalypse Update.

Rich Venezuelan Socialists Live the High Life In Florida

While their compatriots starve back home.

Apocalypse Update.

In Venezuela, inflation quadruples to 18,000 percent in two months, with no end in sight

Mixed Species Martial Arts Summary.

Toddler, 3, is snatched and eaten by leopard at safari park in Uganda

The three-year-old was being looked after by a nanny when he was attacked at Queen Elizabeth National Park

Mixed Species Martial Arts News.

“Carvalho had been working on the majority of the series about a British family who have set up a game lodge in South Africa. While shooting a closeup of Gerald the giraffe’s body and feet at the Glen Afric Country Lodge, the animal became “inquisitive” and headbutted him sending him 16 feet in the air and causing massive head injuries.”

Filmmaker Carlos Carvalho Dies In Accident While Shooting ‘Wild At Heart’

Bitchez be Crazy / Anarcho-Tyranny Update.

‘The new bad boy in girls’ lives’: MS-13’s female ranks grow as gang becomes ‘Americanized’

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WARNING: The story below contains graphic details.

Mad World Update.

“He indicated that he idolized the mass shooter in the Parkland, Florida shooting and called Nicolas Cruz a hero and that Cruz gave him courage and confidence,” Couch said.

Where are these maniacs getting these ideas?

Sheriff: Highway sniper "idolized" school shooting suspect

Shooter's neighbors call him an "introvert" but had no idea what he was planning

Man opens fire on passing cars in sniper-style attack

Mad World Update.

National ‘Talk like a Pirate who’s been Sniffing Glue’ Day.

Police: Man nicknamed 'Captain Jack Sparrow' had glue huffing supplies, kicked cops

Equidistant Drowning Babies: Confessions of A Virulent Race Traitor

Narco Night Train

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