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'Published 5,000 Years Too Late'
Impressions of Greg Cochran's review of David Reich's Who We Are and How We Got Here

Not sure what your thoughts on Greg Cochran are but I thought you should see this post if you hadn't already.

Nothing particularly new here, but it's a great synthesis of a picture of that early Bronze Age expansion that's become impossible to deny now that some genetic results are in. Seemed up your alley.

-Alex Nicholson

The Besieged River Valley

Cochran develops a clear, well-modeled picture of the three strands of humanity that became European man. What is most fascinating is his sketch of river valley farming communities surrounded by forested lands inhabited by an enemy race of hunter, seemingly responsible for the fort slaughters that Keeley examined in War Before Civilization:

Read more at the link below...

All Power Fighting

A Fighter's View of Mixed Martial Arts from Achilles to Alexander (The Broken Dance) (Volume 3)

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