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Inside White Women
By Fred Beare

Here is the white Western woman survival story of the week, which is rated at 8.5 labias out of ten:

“A woman who travelled to India to treat her depression was drugged, raped and beheaded before her body was found hung upside down in a forest.

Liga Skromane, 33, who is Latvian but was living in Dublin, Ireland, for the past five years with her partner, arrived in Kerala with her sister in February.

She was hoping to be treated at one of the ayurvedic centres the area is famous for, according to NDTV.

But she went missing a few weeks after arriving in the country after leaving the centre to visit a beach.

Her decomposing body was found near a mangrove forest in Thiruvallam on April 21.

Police revealed on Thursday – the same day her funeral was held in Thiruvananthapuram - that she was lured by two men, who drugged and raped her before killing her.”

Raping and murdering whites today is no big sweat, and is part of their manifest destiny. The big news is that being drugged, raped, beheaded, and then being hung up to dry, really does cure depression. Even just the beheading, helps. I would imagine that scores of bored Westerners, all suffering from the world weariness that comes from over-consumption, and over-civilization, will be lining up for similar therapy.

Homework reading for this week includes:

It all needs to be completed before the next assignment, due November 26, 2020, the date of complete systems collapse.

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