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‘Above the Fray’
A Night with Comedian and Broadcaster Pat Dixon

“…it keeps you above the fray.”

-Jordan Peterson on Humor

In the early days of April I spent over an hour on the set of the NYC Crime report with conservative Pat Dixon. I then accompanied him, along with two other men, to Dangerfield’s Comedy Club where he and four other comedians performed before an audience of perhaps 20. The three other comedians all had material which was focused on making fun of white people, particularly southern white people, six of whom sat in the front row.

The comedy was poor and the only black person in the audience was not impressed. Making fun of one race of non-distinct people is such a shallow well that most of the buckets came up rasping dry.

Pat, on the other hand, who had no material, simply engaged the audience. The southerners—who were very nice people—were his primary target. His tactic was to ask them where they lived, then tell them that he used to live there in the local accent, which impressed them. He would then go on to describe their home town according to his own fancy, placing restaurants and factories that were not there. Then when the southerners insisted he was mistaken he would expose them as frauds. Pat created art on stage with human parts, having all of us in stitches with well placed innuendo, well-timed mannerisms and a knack for drawing out people into conversations which became a humorous mine field under his devilish eye.

The follow on-comedians tried to milk Pat’s material and kept retreating into making fun of white people, the only jokes acceptable, it would seem. Then who are these jokes for?

The black dude was roaring over Pat’s non-racial dialogue with the drunken audience and shook his head when the self-hating palefaces made their wan jokes.

On the way back on the subway, Pat, a seriously concerned American, asked me what I thought of the situation in South Africa, with the farm murders and ongoing ebony on ivory genocide. At what point he wondered, would the palefaces fight back?

I told him that the paleface defenders eventually would turn on their attackers and that the U.S. news media would clip the video of a savage ebony attack on an ivory farm to show only the shooting of the last, lonely ebony martyr, and that this film footage would be used to divert American Special operations soldiers and contractors into South Africa, for they are currently operating in over 30 of the 40 some African nations. Then, the hunt for the great Dutch-African buffalo would commence, with U.S. Naval aviators blasting paleface resistors to atoms and American expeditionary forces hunting big two-legged game from Hummers, Cats and helicopters across the Velt…

Pat shook his head and said, “I sure hope you’re not right. But the world is getting too insane to rule anything out.”

We then offloaded into the night-lit heart of the City at the Center of the World, where I found that nothing seems entirely real.

Paleface Sunset: A Guide to Cultural Resistance in the Age of Felonious

Alienation Nation: Surviving Cultural Free Fall

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Tony CoxMay 12, 2018 3:05 AM UTC

Pat Dixon’s podcast, NYC Crime Report, is one of the best, funniest podcasts out there.

I’ve gone to see stand up 3 times in the last year, and other than the headliner I saw, it was all beyond terrible. 85% were either gay or tranny, and could only talk about the fact they were gay or tranny. The rest were either minorities who had monologues about obviously made up acts of racism perpetrated against them, or white ultra liberals who got all serious up on stage and apologized for white privilege. One guy pretended to be a redneck from Molalla, but outside smoking dropped the accent and admitted to being another Portland douche bag.

The last time I went, I walked out after 10 minutes, the comedians discovered that they would get not just easy laughs, but roaring cheers by shit talking Trump. It was predictable and pure jingo, not an ounce of humor to be found. It felt like a cult.
DixonMay 11, 2018 11:38 PM UTC

James - thanks for reminding me about that show and night. Great meeting you, come back to NYC soon and share some more of what you know, we badly need that here.
BobMay 11, 2018 10:45 PM UTC

It's almost as though Comedy USA™ were run by people who bear a deep and longstanding grudge against white Americans, especially Christians and Southeners.
TWMay 11, 2018 12:16 PM UTC

Johannesburg was once a vibrant epicenter of producers. Like NYC, they had a diamondshopping district. During apartheid and just after, SA had a Space Program, Skyscrapers, stores that rivaled Macy's. Crime was controlled and confined. Roman-Dutch law was still largely intact. Through legislation and due process, laws were in tact. After apartheid and once the transfer of power was complete, the once prosperous, if politically problematic, transitioned into a lawless #shithole that rivals MS-13 ghettos in El Salvador and the murder rate of Honduras and other globally ranked murder capitals of the world.

But, yea, Africa (AFRICOM) is a resource fight btw us and the Chines and to a lesser extent Russians. The Chinks just tested a laser-fired munition on a few of our jet-fighter pilot's off the coast of SA.