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Iron Horse Punks
One Man’s Harrowing Encounter with the Hell’s Angels

Ken, a martial arts instructor who I encountered at a Jeet Kune Do seminar, had a martial arts school in a state other than Maryland [it is one of 7 states within a leisurely day’s drive of Baltimore].

There was a local bar he had attended for a decade with his wife. The bar had gotten progressively “more sketchy,” but it was their time honored spot to unwind with a few drinks and casual conversation. The time was late afternoon and there were few people present. Five Hell’s Angels entered and almost immediately began making rude comments to Ken’s wife. These men were all larger and younger than Ken. He tried to shrug off, laugh off and otherwise deflect their insulting manner. But when two of the Angels went outside and the three inside became more aggressive, Ken’s instincts told him it was time to act.

When the two left the other three began to shift in his direction, with the largest stepping forward towards Ken as he suggested to Ken’s wife that he and his friends were the kind of man she was in need of.

Ken dispatched this man with a shin kick to the groin. He then moved to meet the other two, using an outward backhand chop to the throat to drop the right hand man gasping to the floor. As the other brute ineffectively tried to hit him with a swinging punch, Ken stepped in, grabbed his long hair, pulled his head down and drove his knee up into the face, which dropped the third man bleeding and senseless.

Ken took his wife by the hand outside towards the car. As they emerged he noted that the two Angels outside were arming themselves with weapons: a ballpeen hammer and a flashlight. Ken Rushed his wife into the passenger seat, slid into the driver’s seat as fast as possible and sped off as the Angels yelled threats.

Ken was known as the owner of a local martial arts school, known to the bar owner who was in fear of the Angels. He lived every day after this in fear that a gang of these punks would do something to his wife, his house, his school, or his students. Ken closed his school and moved out of state.

What can we say of such men other than they are over-sexed, underpowered punks on iron horses?

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