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Holy Titus Andronicus Batman!
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Distraught over dying dad, drunk hairstylist ran over widow

Mom admits she let men rape her daughters, ages 5 and 6, for money

Woman arrested for stalking, sending 65,000 texts was on a 'journey' of love

Shithole Update.

“The author also participated in Operation Uphold Democracy (in Haiti, a year after the catastrophic denouement of Operation Restore Hope in Somalia). ... Hope was not restored in Somalia. Democracy was not upheld in Haiti.”

― Stan Goff, Full Spectrum Disorder: The Military in the New American Century

“Somalia has 1,900 miles of coastline, a government that knows its place, and all the guns and wives you can afford to buy. Why have I never heard of this paradise before?”

— Chevy Chase as Pierce Hawthorne, “Community”

Somali woman 'with 11 husbands' stoned to death by al-Shabab

Shithole Update.

Gosh, what ingratitude. At least he made an honest woman out of her.

What’s a real head scratcher is how all those Lefty agitators who claim to be concerned about ‘rape culture’ in America are so hell bent on importing a virulent rape culture from abroad. Hmmm…do you suppose maybe making rapists marry their victims would act as a deterrent in this country?

Teenage bride, 19, is sentenced to death for fatally stabbing man she was forced to marry as he raped her while his cousins held her down

· Noura Hussein given death penalty for killing husband Abdulrahman Hammad

· She was forced to marry him aged 16 and made to live with him in April last year

· In Sudan the legal age of marriage is 10 and marital rape not considered a crime

Sports Division.

53-year-old fighter loses it when opponent misses weight by 28 pounds

Bitchez be Crazy Update.

Holy Titus Andronicus Batman!

“Last month, 34-year-old Kelly M. Cochran was sentenced to 65 years behind bars, after admitting to injecting her husband with a fatal dose of heroin and smothering him in their northern Indiana home. The court’s decision came as Cochran was serving a life sentence in another case: the slaying and dismembering of her lover in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. As shocking as those crimes are, an upcoming TV documentary will look into other crimes that her friends and family suspect Cochran of committing. That includes as many as nine other possible victims buried across the Midwest, as well as accusations that she fed the remains of her lover to others at a barbecue.”

Indiana woman who may have killed 10 people accused of serving victim's remains at BBQ

Woman who injected her husband with a lethal dose of heroin may have killed NINE others and served her lover's remains to guests at a barbecue

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