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Canine Planet
Dog Attack & Dindu News from Jeremy Bentham

Jihad Update.

“My first thought when I saw this news, that the OIC was again ginning up a PR campaign to paint the Burma (Myanmar) Buddhist government as a bunch of Islamophobes and human right abusers, was this: So why aren’t any of you big mouth countries displaying Muslim charity and inviting Rohingya to live in your countries?”

“Where are you Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE?”

Organization of Islamic Cooperation wants international pressure on Burma over Rohingya Muslims

Another reason to keep and bear arms: protection against dangerous animals. When the wild things attack you’re liable to be on your own.

No plan ‘B’ for local government.

“Diane White, a woman who has lived in Wilmington's Cool Spring neighborhood for over two decades, says her dog was attacked and killed by a stray pit bull and Wilmington police didn't bother to respond to the scene.”

911 call for pit bull attack in Wilmington produces no police response

Diane White, a woman who has lived in Wilmington's Cool Spring neighborhood for over two

Two more dog attacks in West Allis in recent days

Dog walker kills two dogs attacking his pet In West Allis

Man’s Best Friend Update.

Dogs maul, kill livestock in Baxter County - Neighbor ends attack by shooting dogs, which is legal under state statutes

Man’s Best Friend Update.

Deputies: DeLeon Springs man shoots, kills dog during attack on wife, service dog

Murderbowl Update.

Increased production! Harm City Murder Inc. way ahead of schedule for first and second quarters of FY18.

"Baltimore tagged the psychological level of 100 homicides for the year with the fatal stabbing of a 74-year-old man and the deadly shooting of a 16-year boy in West Baltimore Tuesday, “marking the second-fastest pace of killings in the city in a decade,” said The Baltimore Sun.”

'Murdaland': Baltimore Homicides For 2018 Spike At "Second-Fastest Pace In A Decade"

Congratulations, Baltimore (‘Bodymore’) — homicides are booming.

Baltimore hits 100 homicides for the year at second-fastest pace in a decade

Tidal Wave of Baltimore Restaurant Closures Unfolds into Crisis.

Anarcho-Tyranny Update.

Something to keep in mind as our society continues to fragment and the ‘social contract’ is rendered null and void in more and more places.

“In any event, in disgust I left early, but came away with these important lessons reinforced:”

“1) I’m not going places I can’t be armed. So-called ‘security,’ provided by anyone claiming to provide it, is invariably a lie and a joke!”

“2) Hooliganism is now so common in our civilization, and so accepted just about everywhere people gather, that you can expect to be physically assaulted in any artistic, sporting, or political venue, and the only thing you can really depend upon is that no one will help you, and nothing will be done about it!”

Opinion: Security Theater, So Much For Any Expectation of Real Security

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