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Dog Brothers Gathering
News & Views from Liz, Jeremy, Erique and Big Ron

Here's a story for all the complainers out there.

-Big Ron

Mad World Update.

Doing it like the ancient Greeks did it: naked.

A new take on the ‘Drunken Agnon' - the ‘Psychedelic Agnon’?

Brothers high on mushrooms fight naked on Indy's south side


Hey James!

That was awesome! Really happy to hear you enjoyed your NYC trip. Thank you for all the write ups recently, we really appreciate you. I am very much looking forward to your next one in July.

Your timing is impeccable. I was going to reach out and let you know that I posted a new article last night if you want to check it out.

It's a bit over your preferred length, next one will be back on target.



Dog Brothers gathering info


UFC 224 results: Lyoto Machida front kick flattens retiring Vitor Belfort in second


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