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An Outlaw Biker Encounter

Back in the mid1990s, in East Baltimore, Gus, a former amateur boxer of Greek ancestry, who had ballooned up from 120 to 320 after retiring from the sport, was threatened by an outlaw biker while at a traffic light in his sedan. The biker had circled around, making a U turn around the concrete median and given Gus the finger, telling him he’d kick his ass over a perceived lack of motoring courtesy.

The man dismounted onto the median, standing six and a half feet and weighing in the 300s, a tattooed, towering menace in denim.

Gus got out of his little car and walked up to him as the man lumbered forward and recounted it like this, “Jimmy, the best thing about fighting civilians [non boxers] is you don’t have to jab. That’s the first time in my life I fucking hit someone with a lead upper cut and that piece-of-shit fell like a tree. He fuckin’ looked like he was dead so I rode off.”

Another biker hero bights the dust.

One thinks that maybe there is a reason why they only fight as groups.

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Sam J.May 24, 2018 11:48 AM UTC

"...One thinks that maybe there is a reason why they only fight as groups..."

I hadn't read this yet when I commented after coming to the same conclusion.