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Captain V & Mike the Cop
Two Law Officers’ Impressions of M.C. Members

Captain V

“Bikers will fight you, so a call to deal with them should never be taken alone. Nobody takes calls alone any more. But back in the day, guys without firearms that would not be dealt with alone, were bikers. Their belligerence was well known. They type like black guys, in that they won’t fight one-on-one—it’s always a gang up situation. That said, their structure, and the desire of most of their leaders to avoid getting locked up and also not to have their bikes left unattended, often makes negotiation productive.

“I have fought a few of them, on my own, back in the day in basic redneck situations involving the wife at home. Their quality in that setting is generally a bigger man with less grit and toughness than your working class tough guy.”

Mike the Cop

Mike was terrified of me when I told him he was a cop and that I wanted to talk to him. The fact that I looked like I might have been a biker with the beard and shaved head, flipped him out and he began panicking, saying, “Did you ride? Did you ride?” and then starting talking about what was in the past is in the past and water under the bridge and so on. Mike was retired and worked as a disc jockey at bars. After he calmed down he took a deep breath and told me that he was once getting his ass kicked by a couple of black dudes while in uniform and some bikers pulled over and “cleaned house.”

From my reading and these and other interviews, it seems that bikers are regarded as a special menace by criminal of the ebony race of forever innocent saints.

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