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Nikki Wants to Know Why Urban Ebonia is So Violent

“James, is it true that Baltimore City residents are so violent because of poverty?”


The commonly broadcast Liberal cause of violence is poverty.

This is, I suppose, why Franciscan and Dominican monks are so psychotically violent, rioting and looting constantly.

Interestingly, of my 20 attackers [most of these attackers being groups] in 2017, I was carrying significantly less clothing, communication and cash value than all but one of these attackers. I actually have been subject, over the past 4 years, two such smart phone coordinated aggressions by thugs, as well as two episodes of police aggression, and cops make four times as much money as I did at the time. Indeed, I have been attacked by motorists and cannot afford a vehicle myself.

The rate of reality corresponding to this theory is only 5% in Baltimore City and 0% in Baltimore County.

Let us look at the other theory.

While the Liberal establishment contend that only poverty causes people to attack others, many on the Dissident Right, contend that only race causes people to attack.

What does my own 20-attack survey say?

2.5 paleface to 17.5 ebony attackers overall put this theory in 87.5% confirmation of the race theory.

We can look at this closer by splitting the City and County, or Urban and Suburban results.

In 7 City encounters, 97.5% were ebony on ivory.

In 13 County encounters, 90% were ebony on ivory.

The racial cause should not be construed as motivated by racial hatred, as ebony on ebony murders in Baltimore city dwarf ebony on ivory murders by 288 to 24, which indicates that the all black pool of City killers have a preference for doing in members of their own race at a rate roughly 12 times greater than the paleface race.

What is incontestable is that ebony folk are between 4 and 200 times more likely to commit violence than ivory folk living in the same circumstances and at the same economic level. There is, however, no evidence that ebony violence is motivated by racial hatred.

However, based on the national increase of ebony violence since the recent institution of ebony media privilege, beginning with the election of an ebony president in 2008, and then again with the Ferguson affair in 2013, I would be curious to see if there was a measurable rise in ebony violence when they were granted equal rights in 1965. Historically speaking, most murder and mayhem has been committed by the privileged elite and their military and police goons. I suspect we are viewing the rise of a new Privileged Race, the dark hammer of our pallid masters.

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BobMay 21, 2018 11:28 PM UTC

Haiti and the Dominican Republic would theoretically be a good example for establishing a violence/race correlation, the first being essentially an African nation, the second, mestizo. Problem is that with Haiti's per capita GDP of $1,800 (D.R. $18,000), crime statistics - even homicides - are not reliable. If you can't even keep roads roadworthy, data collection and analysis...