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Batshit Crazy & Knife Rights News
Radio Free Dindustan Report from Jeremy Bentham

Knife Rights Update.

The bans on switchblade knives enacted at both state and federal levels back in the 1950’s were the original ‘feel good’ laws. It was purported by their sponsors that these bans would curtail knife assaults and break the power of juvenile street gangs by depriving them of their favorite weapon. Of course they did neither.

The use of switchblades in crime was mostly a matter of media hype. There was probably more switchblade use in crime depicted in the movies and on TV during the 1950’s than there was in real life. For example the Kansas City Police Department was the only law enforcement agency that kept track of how many switchblade knives it encountered in the course of operations. During all of 1956 the KCPD only seized 15 such knives. Certainly not the crime wave that was being portrayed by the news and entertainment media.

In 1968, ten years after the enactment of the federal law banning the manufacture and importation for interstate trade of switchblade and gravity knives, the American public was told that ‘Saturday Night Specials’, cheaply made handguns, were the favorite weapon of street criminals and that they must be banned. So the Gun Control Act of 1968 was enacted into law placing all firearms manufacture and sale in the USA under the control of the federal government. And on it went. has been doing yeoman’s work quietly behind the scenes to reform knife laws in America. It has lobbied for the repeal of switchblade bans in many states. Louisiana will be added to the list, if the governor signs the repel passed by both house of the state legislature into law.

“The switchblade ban was a demonstration of the power of mass media to get laws passed with little or no facts behind them. Much the same technique is being used to attempt to ban certain kinds of firearms. Reporters have little or no knowledge of the firearms in question. Facts about their uses in crime are ignored. The push is always for action, action, action, without serious debate.”

Repeal of Louisiana Switchblade Knife Ban goes to Governor Edwards

Now if you are a denizen of the Bayou State you’ll soon be able to carry the switchblade version of the classic Buck 110 lock-blade knife. A favorite of outdoorsmen and motorbike riders since its introduction on the market in 1964. Wear it on your belt though, you still won’t be allowed to carry it concealed in your pocket there.

Buck 110 Auto Elite

Bitchez be Crazy Update.

A friend asked me how much money it takes to be a sugar daddy? Man, it’s like they say, if you gotta ask you don’t have enough.

Teen shoots ‘sugar daddy’ after demanding money: cops

Raelyn Domingo Washington Country Sheriff's Office via Facebook

Anarcho-Tyranny Update.

“Drugs and associated violence strain rural law enforcement”

“While most residents think it’s mischievous teens stealing from cars, that really isn’t the case anymore. Twenty years ago, almost all car break-ins were kids looking for pocket change or something they could quickly sell for beer money. Now it’s almost all adult heroin addicts who are breaking into cars. We catch these thieves on a regular basis and I can’t remember the last one I’ve dealt with that wasn’t hooked on heroin.”

-Greg Ellifritz

Drug addiction is causing crime to move into the white breadistan countryside. White dope fiends are behind most of the theft in the small towns and rural areas. Methamphetamines and heroin are the major problem. Law enforcement is even encountering people using both meth and heroin, “ a combination that makes users especially desperate for money", said the acting director of child protective services for a rural midwestern county in the fall of 2017. “They’ll use anything, food cards, their bodies, whatever they can”, he added. During 2017 five percent of that county’s children were in protective services because their parents or guardians were found to be on drugs.

Black and Hispanic dope peddlers are moving into the small towns to be closer to their customer base. Then they stage drive-by shootings, stash house raids and have gunfights in public places with drug dealers from rival gangs. Most of the heroin and meth in the rural mid-west is smuggled in from Mexico.

115 lives were lost daily throughout the USA to opioid drug overdoses during 2016. White folks need to quit using dope.

And lock your damn doors! Even if you live on the dark side of the moon.

‘Nothing But You and the Cows and the Sirens’ — Crime Tests Sheriffs Who Police Small Towns

Lock Your Damn Doors- 2018 Edition

Thief Checking Car doors

Race War Update.

“There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery – then look around and see someone white and feel relieved.”

-Reverend Jesse Jackson

“Liberals insist that citizens be disarmed because the police will protect them. Now they are saying citizens shouldn't call the police.”

If you see something, say something (unless you see black)

Tell Us About a Time You Judged Someone Based on a Stereotype

May 19, 2018

Mad World Update.

Batshit crazy former cop and PI runs his own family over.

“But in recent months, Self had been wrestling with mental illness, Austin Rammell, a pastor at Venture Church, told WSOC. A family friend for 16 years, he told the station that Self was beset by anxiety, depression and mental breakdowns. Sometimes he would go days without leaving his bed, Rammell said. “He’s been taking precautions. He had all the guns removed from his house, so he was making steps that were rational steps.” The family was aware of Self’s battles, Rammell said. “Family has been loving him through this,” the pastor said. “This was not a conscious act by their father, and they know that.”

It’s a good thing they took his guns away from him, eh?

He took his family to lunch, left the table and rammed them with his car, killing two, police say

The Logic of Steel Paperback


The Logic of Force


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BobMay 22, 2018 11:38 PM UTC

I like Doug Ritter's approach, taking the fight to NYC a great tactic. It was good to enlist a black victim of possession laws to deflect squeals of "racism".
BobMay 22, 2018 10:03 PM UTC

It's a shame that pocket-carry isn't allowed, that reduces the information deficit of the aggressor.

Probably preaching to the converted, but Roger Devlin wrote a good article about the NRA as a singularly successful de facto white rights lobby. (I'm guessing that KnifeRights is similarly "white").