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Bad Science
Wilbur Patchet, American Phsycho, Jeffrey Wengrofsky, Ishmael and Checkered Demon

Thought a savant such as you might like this?

Sent...Wilbur Patchet

Are cyclists tough as bikers? Tough as in tender strips of meaty goodness?


I sorta like this meme thing. Me, me, that's me all right. What? Me? I could talk about that all night.

Tom T. Hall and John Hiat

A nice bit of Practical social control by those Miester-Colonizer British. As the new Rome, our circuses are lame and lack the blood all circus goers have forever craved. This would work well in that Cravens stadium and draw greater crowds. Deserving "gladiators" are manifold.



Ukrainian Strongman with a knack for carrying horses on his back • r/WTF

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After Prison Show

Big Ron

By Jeffrey Wengrofsky

On intergenerational strife

Uranus Smells Like Your Anus

(Apologies: MY Anus!)

By American Psycho

What has happened to all of the other smart-ass guys from Oz who used to write shit? Anyway, speaking of shit:

“Uranus smells like rotten eggs, and that is not a joke. A new study finds that the seventh planet from the sun has an upper atmosphere flush with hydrogen sulfide.

Hydrogen sulfide is a gas best known for its repulsive smell; the gas emanates from sewers and volcanoes on Earth, explaining why some hot springs, which are fed by geothermally heated water, smell like breakfast gone bad. Astronomers have now discovered that the gas is common in the cloud tops of Uranus.

That hydrogen sulfide composition is different than what is found in the upper atmospheres of Uranus' fellow giant planets Jupiter and Saturn, where ammonia dominates, said Leigh Fletcher, a study co-author and senior research fellow in planetary science at the University of Leicester in England. Ammonia is made of nitrogen bonded with hydrogen, while hydrogen sulfide is hydrogen bonded with sulfur.”

Yes, that’s the same gas that makes farts smell so delicious. Now, arguing using the anthropic principle, that the universe exists as it does to allow human observers to exist, to observe physics shit:

Uranus must be some form of cosmic anal hole where the farts of the gods are channelled to Earth. Yep, that makes sense to me, especially after a belly full of meds. Why else would the powers that be make a fart planet?

Isn’t it good to get back to talking abut basic bodily functions like bowel movements instead of geek high-in-the-clouds logic-chopping bullshit? Man is mud, not math.

When Your Job Sucks

The Ghetto Grocer Kindle Edition

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