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Breaking news from the Negropolis
A Radio Free Dindustan Report

Harm City /Murderbowl Update.

Breaking News from the Negropolis. The rest of story behind: Amish Terrorists Strike: Four Babe Cop Killers on the Run

Man those Amish hooligans are sure growing bold, eh James? Looks like the feel like they can take on even the police.

How much community service do you imagine the Amish perp will get for busting a cap on a cop?

Records: Teen suspect said he 'drove at' Maryland officer

Harm City / Murderbowl/ Life in Dindustan Update.

The rest of the story.

Three more teens charged, identified in killing of Baltimore County, Maryland police officer

Coverage of the slaying of Baltimore County police Officer Amy Caprio

More Hoodrat News

Bitchez be Crazy Update.

Feral females in Chiraq.

4 Female Attackers Strip Off Woman’s Pants In West Loop Beating

Life in Dindustan Update.

“Find some Lighter fluid.”

‘Malik Terrell, 21, has been charged with first degree intentional homicide, as party to a crime in connection with the fatal beating and stabbing of Dennis King, 15, whose body was also burned. Prosecutors say Terrell and his younger brothers believed King to have been involved in the theft of a video gaming system. King was reported missing by police on Saturday, May 19, and his body was found early Sunday, May 20. As of Monday, May 22, Terrell remained in custody in Chicago.’

Beaten, stabbed, burned: Man charged in death of Dennis King, believed he stole gaming system

The Boned Zone: Surviving Urban Predation

Don't Get Boned: The Harm City Handbook

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