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Hateful Yetis Persecute Creative Bitch Doctor

James, you can swing for the fences on this one!


Sympathy for the Bedeviled

Shep, as an accredited white devil and honorary negro, let me access the darker devils of my nature to try and explain this here Bitch Doctor's sacred ceremony of redemption which is bringing her like Jennot before her persecutors...

Where you palefaces cling to modern medicine or advocate retro-traditional methods, this fine, ebony bitch doctor [which is a hip hop witch doctor, which is a modern mamma loi] chose to merge her ages-old hoodoo tradition with your ghostly tricknomotry, tricknology and other forms of paleface superstition. The problem seems to have arisen when her musical talent amplified the effect of the anesthesia, which is a risk a pioneer seeking to better the hip hop condition hazards as do her disciples.

You know if she was a fine white bitch playing classical music in the Operating Room you'd be giving her a pass. The real criminals here are the white chemists in New Jersey who are marketing their chemical hair straightening cocktails to innocent sisters who want straight hair bouncing on their shoulders as their giant jelly ass jiggles above the stage in hopes that Floyd Mayweather will hire them... This stuff then messes with their skin and hoodoo heroes like Mamma Loi Joy tread fearlessly where no paleface would go and get tripped up in the minefield of Caucasian Chemistry—you think these drugs she was being forced to use by the ivory power establishment were invented by her?

No, that evil potion was made by Whitey, whose shit is so cucked up he ain't yet ta ged back ta da moon—if his lyin' ass eva even went!

Son, her one lipstickextraction patient didn't even have to wake up in that sterile joint, but woke in a hotel bed with a sandwich already in hand. Shieeeed, dis bitch docta gotz da custama service goin' on!

T. Spoone Slickens, Inquire

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ShepMay 23, 2018 4:35 PM UTC

Good job, T. Spoone!