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Should MMA Fighters Acknowledge Defeat?
A Man Question from Bruno Dias

Hey James, how are you doing?

Have you seen the controversy surrounding the MMA fighter Rachel Pennington in the last UFC event?

Long short story: in the interval between the 4th and 5th round, she said to her cornerman that she couldn't keep fighting, and asked him to throw in the towel. Her corner told her to continue fighting, even that she was being absolute destroyed in the fighting, and was with a serious injury on the leg.

That sparked a whole debate on the MMA community, about the whole "Never give up mentality". This video sums up the whole thing.

My question is: What is your take on this? You think that a fighter should know and respect his own limits, or that he should keep on fighthing, no matter what?

Best regards.


I'm doing well Bruno, but not as good as your English. I didn't make a single correction to this email.

MMA is an art of humiliation, as it is based on Asian systems of empty hand fighting and not boxing, which is a degraded form of fencing, that is a slave art that preserves the duelist's honor without putting the fighter in a position where he has to quit to stay healthy. If MMA was about honor the man who tapped to an arm bar would not be said to have submitted but be asked to raise the opponent's arm. But in our slave civilization only the non-combatant may raise the hand of the victor.

Why have we been conditioned to use the terms quit and submit rather than be given the choice as a fighter to acknowledge our opponent as our better?

Because these beast feasts have been engineered to erase the heroic human and replace him with a fighting machine, a rumble slave.

For prize fighting in general, the civilized forms, such as boxing and MMA are human dog fighting, slave arts in which the fighter is not allowed to acknowledge and respect his victor, nor is the defeated permitted respect. Only the sanctioning masters are permitted honor and respect as they choose the victor.

MMA is a slave art.

All organized martial arts [So far as I know. Please inform if others qualify.] are slave arts.

The only combat that is not slavery is Dog Brothers Real Contact Stick Fighting and Modern Agonistics.

Bruno, on top of these evils, there are many things severely wrong with female prize fighting.

First of all, it takes a woman and turns her into a female, just like the corrections system and law enforcement. Socially, female MMA has the same goal as LGBT and the terroristic police state, namely denaturing our men and women and turning them into meat puppets.

I am already disgusted by the title and still picture and will not view the bloody estrogen porn.

Women have weaker bodies.

Women have weaker wills.

Women have a better knowledge of their own body and are more fully attuned to their physical being.

Women have more loyalty to their coach.

These facts add up to the fact that female fighters are likely to become handled like fighting dogs rather than humans, as happened here.

It is a shame that Rachel does not have a father to sort this out.

I would have told my daughter not to this.

If this then happened to her I would kill the trainer who shamed her into fighting and when I got off on the jury trial for temporary insanity, or even after I did my 15 years for manslaughter or murder 2, I'd find the referee and cut his guts out. Alternately, perhaps I could do some killing in the joint in return for contract murders on the head of the sanctioning organization?

Yes, I would sodomize the trainer with a broken bottle while he was bleeding out from the throat slit so he didn't go easy.

I think that about covers the morality issue, as for the practicality, if there was a man who cared enough to put a baby in this girl's belly we wouldn't have to have this conversation.

In the wider picture this is where Civilization leads. No pack of barbarians ever let their women fight like dogs in a cage.

Thanks, Bruno.

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Bruno DiasMay 25, 2018 9:56 AM UTC

Thanks for the reply James!