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The Shape of Plantation America
A Man Question from Jersey Joe

"James, what exactly is the outline of the Plantation America Project, the goal, I suppose that you've set for the Patreon site, more importantly, though, what you want the end product to accomplish?"

-Jersey Joe

History Series Outline


In Print as of 5/24/2018

1. Stillbirth of a Nation

2. America in Chains

3. Into Wicked Company

4. A Bright Shining Lie at Dusk

5. So His Master May Have Him Again

6. So Her Master May Have Her Again

7. The Lies That Bind Us

In Process with projected deadline, to be published within 6 months of completion

8. The Greatest Lie Ever Sold [June 2018, completed in July]

9. Crackerboy [July 2018, completed in August]

10. American Spartacus [October 2018...]

11. The 13th Tribe [Spring 2019]

12. Paleface [Summer 2019]

13. The Secret History of Plantation America [Winter 2020]

There is more than enough material for me to do 24 volumes, but I will not continue on that dry riverbed of disdained facts, but use these to create stories based in fact that might widen awareness of who we are as a "melting pot" stew of dying races.

Fiction Series Outline

1. Sold, a Novel [in process, published exclusively on Patreon one chapter per month]

2. Beyond the Pale [a dark fantasy about the end game pursued by our evil owners]

The remainder of the series will be vignettes, short stories, novelettes and novellas, which will be published as Tribes Pulp Yarns as historical short fiction, utilizing only protagonists for whom I have found a record of their enslavement but not a record of their fate. Additional facts uncovered in the ongoing research will be placed in the nonfiction end notes of these stories.

The purpose of the fiction is to do what the nonfiction history books cannot, which is attract a possible comic book or film producer to one day bring the real history of our nation into focus for a normalized audience.

Project Goal

Call me superstitious [and I amended this to 13 volumes, yikes] but once I discovered that more than a million souls were sunken into unmarked graves—lonely and mass—under the very feet of me and mine who have lived in what was once the Devil's Forest of Plantation America, which became a garden fertilized by the very flesh and bones of the children and wretched worked to death and murdered to clear it, that "Colonial America" was never known by that name by most of those it swallowed, but rather as a place where slave masters planted people in worship to their one and only divinity, this being profit, I have a real sense that in our very blood moans the unheard of plea of our ancestors, of our forbearers, who we intentionally spite and deny by cleaving to our sacred, guilt-gilded lie.

The resurrection of the ghost of Plantation America in my pathetic little books is an attempt to expel the toxic lies that have been spewed into my brain since before I was able to read.

Joe, my goal is to preserve a record of the willfully forgotten damned who were shipped to my native land [among them my ancestors] for the purpose of destroying the Devil's Forest and rendering it into God's slave farm. The bones of these many hundreds of thousands [possibly up to 3 million and at least 2 million] have rarely rested under a gravestone and their very existence is denied by those who would erase the remaining humans from this land in the never ending quest to build the soul-eating God they worship in its hideous, gestational hunger.

May that ghastly thing never grow legs.

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