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The Old Way
James and The Checkered Demon on a Barbarian's Best Friend

My go-to knife move.


Run to the hills!

To understand the knifer, the dude who is seriously interested in dissecting you, you have to understand that when the blade comes out, you are travelling back 40,000, erasing ages of technological barriers between what we have become and who we were [the bow and arrow, in particular] wash away like a fog before sunny winds. The guy with the knife is trying to take you back in his time machine and you either need to clear the transportation zone or shutdown his psychological time travel device with superior weaponry, preferably a shotgun.

Do note how well this paleface ran.

Running is the best unarmed knife defense.

The following is our best deduction on the basic human toolkit.

#1 Bone to stick, to club, to spear, to atlatl, bow and arrow, sword

#2 Stone to unhafted ax, to knife to sword, to sling, flail, gun & bullet, ICBM...

Basically, it is all sticks and stones tracked forward into time. The best study of this is in Richard F. Burton's Book of the Sword. Seeing these two weapon tracks one understands that high barbarian and high civilized cultures both have a sword culture apex.

This brings us to the crux of modern anarcho-tyranny, how the knife is used against us and—against us.

Courts have always been prejudicial places for the persecution of a knife user. This goes all the way back to the fear of leopards at the base of our ape psychology, which is kept alive in the talons and fangs of vampires, werewolves and gargoyles and such. He who has the guts to open his fellow man with a knife is a predatory elite, he is 3 of every 10 men, the wolf among sheep, and the sheep in the jury box and the big, fat, bleating ram behind the bench know it. Although Amerindian warriors did most of their killing with firearms, war clubs and arrows, they were most feared for their scalping knives.

No one fears the knife more than police, and their training to shoot knife users at range, then their persecution for using a superior weapon in the retarded mind's eye of the American public—and thus breaking the Chuck Norris rule, that force may only be met by equal force—coupled with restrictions on law abiding men from carrying guns for protection, has placed many modern men of a traditional mind in the position of being the hated barbarian for walking with a knife. Carrying a knife, even a knife that your cop friend might tell you is "legal" still puts you in legal jeopardy. Most demeaning is the fact that any admission that you carry a knife for defensive purposes is an admission of intent to do bodily harm with a deadly weapon. Our simple genetic memory of the leopard's claws and fangs doom the knife user to hated status, a status amplified by the sissy ape nature of our media and judiciary who all believe in their vaginal brain that survival of crime via force is itself a crime.

Ad to this the population replacement initiatives intent on bringing actual barbarians from blade cultures into Europe and America, and the horror evinced by their manly use of honorable weapons of a personal nature, places the man using a knife to defend himself in an even darker light.

I would like to encourage all readers to know the blade, to have a blade, and to retain it only as a "nuclear options" like the Predator's wrist watch, not as a first response against anything less than a firearm. The Chuck Norris rule stands, like it or not. A knife is also not what you want to use against a knife. Take it from me. I have fought more with steel and wooden blunts than anyone alive and a knife cannot block a knife. Against a knife a chair is your best weapon.

Stay free, my friends and keep your blade ready for the collapse that comes to bring down all things of monumental evil and then perhaps, men will be able to be men again.

The appeal of the Predator movie from the 1980s, as a classic masculine adventure, more in the spirit of Robert E. Howard's Conan series than any of the three Conan movies, is buoyed by our deep simian fear of the claw, replicated and spit back at the monsters that feed on us as the blade in a man's hand.

The Logic of Steel Paperback


The Logic of Force


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SidVicMay 31, 2018 6:13 PM UTC

OTOH< This guy found out the chinese were talking shit about americans being afraid of the blade. So he led TWO bayonet charges, heh.
responds:May 31, 2018 10:17 PM UTC

An interview with Millet is in the book No Bugles, No Drums: An Oral History of the Korean War.
SidVicMay 29, 2018 9:39 PM UTC

Knifes scare me, more than anything. Charge the gun and run from a knife is a truly good rule of thumb; with the caveat that running from a gun is often wise too. I've never been in a knife fight but i am a hunter and administered coup de gras to animals using the knife(one must not waste ammunition). What always surprises me is how effortlessness it goes in.

Wife is Romanian, went to visit her rural village shortly after we got married. It was time to "cut the pig". They have designated butcher for task, but as i was honored guest they handed knife to me to do honors. They were sorta having fun with the american city slicker and expected me beg off (now i know being older and not a dumbass). If i could only describe the look on their weathered faced when i grabbed up the knife and waded in to slit the pigs throat. Needless to say hilarity ensued.

i also worked in an abattoir briefly (don't ask). The other surprise is how much blood comes when you hit a major artery. Yeah fuck knife fights.
jacobMay 26, 2018 3:34 PM UTC

"I would like to encourage all readers to know the blade, to have a blade"

What kind of blade?
responds:May 27, 2018 4:24 AM UTC

Ideally a blade that you have an excuse for having on your person other than self-defense, which is essentially illegal in most municipalities. For instance, having a butcher knife in your kitchen. In America, generally the only way you can get away with defending with a purpose made fighting knife is to have it in your bedroom and defend yourself with it there.
BobMay 25, 2018 12:37 AM UTC

My grandmother used to wring chickens' necks for the pot. I've never killed an animal. Once you've cut a few goats or sheeps' throats, as most meat-eating Third Worlders have, you're half-way to dealing with humans.
BobMay 25, 2018 12:17 AM UTC

"Contact us and have this man stab you."