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Living in the Shadow of the Migrant Crisis
A Series from Rootland: Part One: This Thing Was Lost Long Ago, by Teutonic Fist
I am proud to post this article by a young man in Europe and only wish he had had a better editor than this half-literate city hick.
When you listen to foreign, especially American and Russian news sources, you could get the impression Europe is overrun by hordes of Dune Drifters raping and pillaging and they give it the matrial term of an invasion. But that is not the case and way more concerning then the events itself is the thin skinnedness with which white sissies approach the topic.
Fact is, this thing was set to happen long ago. It was already baked into the cake of the modern liberal capitalist system, that gives you a few fat years and then collapses your society, because it extracts every bit of social substance there is. Germany, for example, fell under replacement level birth rates for the first time in 1972, which is the reason why we have twice as many Boomers as Millennails. Yet the economy screams for ever more consumers and the government for ever more taxpayers and companies that won't except the fact that there is simply no substance they could hire anymore scream for more qualified workers as if they could be pulled out of a magic hat. The biggest problem dying civilizations have is they are stuck in the phase of denial way too long and so they refuse to size down, give up outposts, and shrink their remaining substance to a managable level. Instead they try to replace their rotten roof beams with ever getting lower in quality material and the outcome is that government and corporate structures that shouldn't even exist anymore get dragged along doing more and more damage in the first place. Now European nations go the way Western Rome and Byzantium.
Rome did before them, replacing their core stock of people with barbarians to the point where they get overrun by other barbarians.
These barbarians that drag along in caravans towards Gibs-land are not the invasion, they are the stragglers of loser cultures aiming to build their shanty towns around a civilization that has lost the willpower to dispers them outright. Calling them an Invasion force is insane.
European people west of the rhine dealt with real invasions before from Romans, to Huns, to Mongols, and where did they all go?
Into the ditch.
But not unless they gave a good kick to all the old and rotten structures that couldn't survive such a challenge to their own survival and with their destruction it freed the remaining peoples to start the circle anew. Its very simple heglian dialectics and therefor the coming chaos is to be welcomed.
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Sam J.May 27, 2018 2:18 PM UTC

"...Lex Papia Poppaea was introduced in 9 AD by emperor Augustus to encourage marriage..."

Note that this was after they started no fault divorce just like we have now. and a subsequent collapse in marriages, just like we have now.

jacobMay 26, 2018 11:17 AM UTC

Bob, pensions indeed destroy children as ones pension. Maybe it was the same with the roman empire? I know that people stopped having kids and marrying, so they started making laws making it more beneficiary being married (tax laws etc).

The Lex Papia Poppaea was introduced in 9 AD by emperor Augustus to encourage marriage. In particular, penalties were imposed on those who were celibate, with an exception granted to Vestal Virgins. (Ulp. Frag. xvii.1). The law also imposed penalties on married persons who had no children (qui liberos non habent, Gaius, ii.111) from the age of twenty-five to sixty in a man, and from the age of twenty to fifty in a woman. (Tacit. Ann. xv.19).

So the decay already was at 9 AD, otherwise they wouldnt have been forced to issue it. I think augustus made homosexuality a criminal offence for example.
BobMay 26, 2018 5:49 AM UTC

I should add that socialism and the welfare state broke the eternal generational compact that saw in children security in one's dotage. The age pension gave the elderly but not wealthy economic freedom from children.
jacobMay 25, 2018 9:57 PM UTC

Very interesting text, not sure I agree totally. The immigration to the west is not organic nor similar to the roman empire, it's cultural marxism together with guilt culture from christianity.

We do sure live in interesting times.
BobMay 25, 2018 12:08 AM UTC

David Duke, for all his faults, put his finger squarely on the problem of subversion from within, a question deliberately avoided by media, government and academia. The external threat, on the other hand, is both more obvious and more tractable. AMREN 0, DUKE, 1.