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Yankee Slave Masters
The Truth about America on the Eve War: 1861

This writer contends that the United States of America is the most powerful—and therefore greatest—nation to ever eat the souls of man, and that this is so because America is built on the best bedrock a nation can be erected upon—Lies, lies deep, lies broad, lies far, lies near. For lies are the fodder of the slave mind. The complexity and nuance of the Truth can never shine in the simple slave mind like the single-faceted, monolith of the Lie.

Consider, that the current greatest nation on earth is a land where virtually everyone pays the same yield as slaves of yore, but through convolutions unfathomable by the apish sheep that form the flock of our evil masters, imagine themselves free. Try building a safehouse without submitting to the various authorities. Even after you supposedly buy land, you must still pay rent on it and cannot even build of your own free will upon it. The basic duty of the man—his very identity—to protect himself, his property and his kin, is functionally against the law in the jurisdictions which are home to most of the slaves of this nation, who fancy that only blacks of centuries past were held in bondage and that whites were forever free.

Let's see.

In brief, we are taught, that in 1861 the Confederate States of America seceded so as to spread slavery throughout the western territories and to maintain their right to have free, impoverished white men act us unpaid slave catcher conscripts across the land. This is true. The days of white slavery were over, with runaway whites in the 1840s bringing only rewards of pennies while black slaves sold for $1,000. But the poor white man was now dragooned into the slave master machine that kept him from making his own living, as if a local grocer were made to work for free at the massive chain store he is competing with. Such a state was Tennessee, where an overwhelming majority voted to remain in the Union and leading men began to divest themselves from slave trading.

This was despite the following facts of economic life:

Abraham Lincoln took office after having received only 39.8% of the popular vote.

The South suffered a 47% tax on the goods they produced.

The North, producer of few cash crops, thus paid a mere fraction of the national tax base.

70% of Americans [Northerners] paid only 15% of the taxes!

30% of Americans [Southerners, including black slaves] thus paid 85% of the nation's taxes.

Over 75% of these taxes were spent in the north!

So, on 15 April 1861, when Lincoln, whose industrial backers had decided to up their income by physically bankrupting the morally bankrupt plantation system, called for 75,000 volunteers to invade the Deep South, those men living in the border states, which would be invaded to get to the Deep South, voted in numerous cases—such as Tennessee—to secede. The men of Tennessee, who had voted to stay in the Union by "overwhelming" numbers [1], now voted 108,339 to 47,233 to fight against the new industrial version of the predatory slave state in favor of the weaker predatory version of the agrarian slave state.

The whole thing was a landgrab. The Yankee nation already had millions of Southerners slaving away for them and extracted most of the value they created. To improve their profit it would be necessary to break the primitive, subsistence-level, iron-age economy of the South and cast it into unsustainable disaster so that the same slaves could be re-enslaved under wages, with no burden on the new masters to provide food or housing for them. This soon led to importation of Chinese in the West and Southern and Eastern Europeans in the East, people with a greater capacity for suffering under inhuman conditions.

The Civil War was not about freedom for anyone, but a contest between two different vision of enslavement, one in which a significant minority were free and the rest slaves of body or duty, and everyone knew it, and another in which the tiniest possible minority of people were free and the vast masses of tax and debt slaves would be herded free range via media priesthoods and police forces, all the while being brainwashed into the belief, not only that they were free, but that they were in charge via the vote!

Within a year of the war ending, laws would be passed to create and authorize private police forces to terrorize white slave miners.

It is important to remember when investigating the history of Plantation America, that the lies we live by were foundational. At the very time the Republican North was taxing the South [master, slave and impoverished freeman] to finance virtually every aspect of the Northern economy they were moving to cease and retool the entire evil machine for themselves, to make it bigger, better and more deadly. By introducing freed blacks and new waves of European poor into industrial cities they could drive down wages and push Native White Americans West to disperse Native Red Americans and open up these lands to direct government lordship, with vast tracts of the West held as reserves, fictionally for "The People" but in reality as a resource reserve for the elite. These great natural resources have already been offered to interests from China and Russia in return for campaign financing to maintain the blinders on the blinkered herd of sheeple. The time is not far off when the greatest wealth of America, its public lands and national parks and resources of the Western states will be sold to Chinese developers to buy media to control the mongrel slave voters bleating in its suburban feed lots and urban slaughterhouses.

This could have all been predicted, but for the drug of democracy that made the rock solid lies of the Founding Fathers and their sycophants seem so genuine-hearted, when instead they were cruelly calculated. We are taught that it is absurd to think that the master class ever hatched a master plan, when in fact, from The Magna Carta, to the Vagabond Act, the Enclosure Acts, The Articles of Confederation and the Constitution of the United States [2] and on through our time, the most evil men of our kind have sat at the various tables where the mind-chains of old where re-forged into those bright, shinny and new, and presented to the idiot herds like bracelets commemorating their emancipation.

This article has not written to change a single mind, to convince any slave who thinks he is free that he has been duped, because they were born to be the sweat and meat of better men. It is just a message in a bottle to the awakened mind of some future time, saying, "This lie has roots deeper then you think, sprouting from the very hell that you have been told was a garden of promise."

For more information read:

1. Bust Hell Wide Open, The Life of Nathan Bedford Forest, by Samuel W. Mitcham, Jr.

2. The Lies That Bind Us, by James LaFond

The Lies That Bind Us

The Foundational Falsehoods of the American Dream

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BobMay 29, 2018 12:23 AM UTC

Yep. But, pace Hans Christian Anderson, people hate the illusion-destroyer far, far more than the illusionist himself. The shame of having supported a lie and the sunk costs are just too high.

For a debunking of the economic merits of democracy:
jacobMay 28, 2018 8:32 PM UTC

Julius Evola

As paradoxical as it may first appear in the context of those civilizations that largely eployed the institution of slavery, it was worth that characterized the condition of a slave and not vice versa. In other words: when the activity in the lower strata of the social hierarchy was no longer supported by a spiritual meaning, and when instead of an "action" there was only "work", then the material criterion was destined to take over and those activities related to matter and connected to the material needs of life were destined to appear as degrading and as unworthy of any free human being. Therefore "work" came to be seen as something that only a slave would engage in, and it became almost a sentence; likewise, the only dharma possible for a slave was work. The ancient world did not despise labor because it practiced slavery and because those who worked were slaves; on the contrary, since it despised labor, it despised the slave...

Curious what you think of this james.
Sam J.May 28, 2018 3:56 PM UTC

According to Patrick Little who is running for Senate in California before the Civil War less than 1% of Whites owned slaves but over 40% of Jews did. Patrick Little is doing great in the pols. The primary is June 5 and he is second in the poling in California.

"...polls at 18% overall..."

He has 30% Asian support.

The reason this is so good is California has a different primary system. They take the top two candidates by votes from ANY party and they are the final run off candidates. They did this of course to screw the Republicans and so that the final two would always be Democrats but this time it's bit them n the ass as Little, a full on attack the Jew Republican will likely win the vote. If they don;t steal the vote which they might. If so a candidate running on abolishing "Jewish Supremacy" will be running off against a Jew for the most populous State in the Union. It's very exciting. Little is a war veteran and was a computer systems analysis and when he became Red Pilled about the Jews from reading one of Kevin McDonalds books "The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movement". He became so furious that he decided to run for office. One of his campaign slogans is we will take, I think it's twenty, years of aid to Israel and distribute it instead to Blacks for reparations, Brilliant. It was Jews that were the biggest owners of slaves by percentage. Another is since Jews are 70% or so of graduate students in Harvard but they only have the grades for a much, much, much less value they would be made to take in students by merit. Raising the number of Asians, which the Asians are pissed about, and Whites into top schools. He's brought up the "Lavon Affair", a bombing of American servicemen by Jews in a false flag attack, the Liberty attack on US naval personal in a false flag attack and how Israels fingerprints are all over 9-11. He's a great American hero.! Win or not. He says his goal is for Americans to run in every office above the county level in every State against Jewish Supremacy and control of the Nation by Jews.