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Disarming the Slaves
An Update on Gun Control from Jeremy Bentham

Harm City Update.

Like in nearly all of America’s major metropolitan areas, in Baltimore County the Democrat Party primary election to nominate the Democrat candidate for the general election is the only election that really matters. The general election will just be, for all intents and purposes, a pro forma ratification of the results of the Democrat primary. This is because the Democrat candidate is always a shoo-in to win the general election; the Democrats are in total control of the local polity. Nearly all the voters in town are constituents/clients of the Democrat Party (‘we hate the people you hate and we’ll punish them for you’). It is much like the sham elections in Communist countries: the Communist Party candidate is the only candidate on the ballot and always wins (Surprise!). The Republican Party in these urban communities has been relegated to the roll of ‘controlled opposition’, like the Washington Generals to the Harlem Globe Trotters. The Republicans stand no chance of winning any elected position in the big city, not even dog catcher. The Democrats had hoped to extend this sort of control over the whole country by now. Unfortunately they were thwarted by the dastardly, sneaky Russians who they claim engineered the election of God-Emperor Trump to the office of President and who otherwise had NO chance of beating Crooked Hillary. Ironically enough, back when the Russians were still Communists under the Soviet Union they were considered to be fellow travelers on the road to social justice by Leftist Democrats. If the Soviet Communists had a fault as far as the American Left was concerned it was just that they were ‘over-zealous’ in their implementation of social justice in their own country. So this ‘stab in the back’ by Putin must really sting, eh? Small wonder they are anxious to go to war with Russia.

Anyway the people of Baltimore county will have the choice in the upcoming elections(s) of voting for Globalist/ Leftist socialism or more Globalist /Leftist socialism. As far as gun rights is concerned, for the most part the Democrat nominees are competing to show who would do a better job of disarming the public. Even the lone pro gun rights nominee supports ‘reasonable controls’ and ‘common sense’ gun laws.

Gun rights debate intensifies race for Baltimore County executive

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BobMay 28, 2018 9:53 PM UTC

The Trump victory is primarily one for the Likud Party and its supporters. Sure, there's a reprieve on the anti-white campaign domestically, but only in return for advancing the Yinon Plan. Iran must be destroyed!

Washington and the State governments will be purged from without and not within. Local government is the only institutional game in town for whites, the rest is informal social power. The Bolsheviks had a three-year bloody civil war before decisively achieving power and it looks a re-run is in the offing.