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Trump to the Rescue!
By American Psycho

Great to see Trump pardoning yet another victim of racism, boxer Jack Johnson, who was convicted in 1913 for carrying a white woman across state lines, over his broad, muscular shoulders. Of course, that crime is absurd because today it is racism not to see white women as the property of non-white cool people, as countries like Britain and most of Europe are now accepting.

Johnson was simply a civil rights trailblazer, and the pardon brings things up to date. Clearly, whites were suffering from penis length fear of the great well-hung man, who would never have resorted to dirty tricks, like wrapping up his cock to increase its size and girth before press conferences. No, sir, not Jack. No racial stereotypes please, we are Americans!

Trump now needs to go to the next level and give a presidential pardon to Harvey Weinstein, because we all love the movies he has made, just like another legend, Roman Polanski. What is good for the Roman, should be good for the Winetein. Then he needs to get “God” of the hook:

Why hasn’t Trump acted to deal with the Bill Cosby affair? Get to it, my “pussy grabbing” carrot.

There should also be an array of medals gathering dust in Trump’s desk drawer that could be awarded as well, and while he is doing this, that great man, Sly Stallone, who conducted a tireless campaign for justice for the great Black hope, should be given a medal too, and especially for his opposition to gun rights. What, Sly, Mr Rambo himself, opposing gun rights? Sure, why not, this is Hollywood:

Stallone is yet another great man of peace, like Arnie Schwartensplatter, who once said: “I’m for gun control. I’m a peace-loving guy.” Great stuff Arnie, and now he is tackling really dangerous things, like the gas we use for our cars and heating, which saves us from freezing to death. The oil companies are murderers in the big man’s view, and he is surely right about this:

I have heard on the grapevine, that Vlad the lad’s first firecracker will be lobbed on Hollywood.

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BobMay 29, 2018 5:57 AM UTC

I'm waiting for Trump to endorse Patrick Little's candicacy in the California Senate race. Waiting, waiting...
BobMay 28, 2018 8:28 PM UTC

Cosby looks not guilty to me. He offered the wrong sort of image of blacks (eg. "Pound Cake" speech).