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Meghan Sucks!
By Professor X

Hi all, back from academic work in Britain where I enjoyed sexual relations with numerous female students in exchange for great grades. Saw the Royal wedding while there, mainly because I was interested that while our first lady has done nude shots, the multi-racial bride of the Brits has done cock-sucking scenes and much else on TV:

And, took what this guy is up to on Meghan, the creepy fellow:

Harry, what do you think of this one? Does it have the Royal seal of approval? What did mom think? Did she sip sherry whilst watching? Did you?

Britain has surely done us proud. It may allow migrant rape of all of its children, but that is a minor infringement.

The crusty old Queen, who should drop off the perch any time now, falling to the ground like a fossilized bird, will leave multiracial Meg to hop, skip and long jump to the crown, over all of the other white mice. Queen Lizzy is worth her weight in dried corgi do-do.

The Great Train Wreck of the West

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Sam J.May 30, 2018 9:11 AM UTC

"...This is why I laugh at the (((neo-reactionaries))) who think monarchy is the only legitimate form of government..."

it's Jews. It's just another mind warp con that they're playing on autistic kids. Same bunch who believe Libertarianism has all the answers. Sure both of these work in certain circumstances but they are not "the" answer.

When I point out we had a perfectly good system where people with some kind of qualifications were the only people allowed to vote...crickets. The Republican system where representatives and voters have some kind of qualifications but the qualifications were such that the broad mass of people could vote is about the best form of government you can get out of a bunch of "slightly" evolved monkeys.
PRMay 29, 2018 10:59 AM UTC

This is why I laugh at the neo-reactionaries who think monarchy is the only legitimate form of government. Would the entire government of the UK be turned into an absolutist monarchy today, the kingdom would just be governed by the likes of the UK royals who are just a rubber stamp of approval for the destruction of their people.

Also, the cops in the UK are absolute traitors and are more interested in punishing those who report on Paki rape gangs than in prosecuting rapists. This suggests cops on the take by these very same rapists.