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Command Aggression
Why Do Police Scream and Yell?

“James, I have just watched a heard-rending video from Vegas. Police with a rifle are screaming at a young, drunk white man who they are making crawl down the hall in a hotel. He is complying and then when his pants begin to come down and he reaches with one hand to pull them up, he is shot dead.”

-Suzy from Kentucky

Suzy, we must first understand what the mission of a police force is and how the specifics of that mission are changing in America.

The only purpose of any police force is to terrorize the population.

There is no other purpose. To contend otherwise labels you a dreamer, a liar or a fool.

The specific purpose of police forces in the United States was, from the 1850s through 1980s, terrorizing the lower social classes, which have, in recent historic memory, been African American and Latino. However, with the effective elevation of large portions of these terrorized communities to middle class status and the reduction of much of the former white middle class to poverty, the job of the police will increasingly be the terrorizing and murder and incarceration of white men. More than twice as many white men are brutalized by police than blacks, something blacks should be able to understand as it is a crude, not per-capita, statement of mass. Executions of white men are all over the internet yet no police officer loses his job for this, yet a city will rise up if a black man is killed by cops and be supported by municipal managers who tell the police to stand down.

In a more general sense, police serve the purpose of terror, which is their central function, when they yell and point weapons, for this succeeds in terrorizing most folk who have this done to them, like me, for instance, when some stupid cunt cop screamed at me while clutching at her weapon for the crime of not letting a young black man attack me from behind, but turning to face him. I was rescued from this insane, coward cunt by a black man in uniform who hasn’t gotten the get whitey memo yet.

Most importantly, the act of yelling agitates the cop.

Soldiers, hunters, boxers, duelists, assassins, gunfighters, MMA fighters, wrestlers, none of these highly effective combatants yells. Only karate combatants yell and they fare worse in mixed combat than any other form of combatant.

When a lion yells it stuns its coward prey into an instant of still tension and it also agitates the lion for a killing frenzy.

Since the purpose of the police is not to battle other police, but to attack, abduct and terrorize unarmed sheeple, than what is needed is an agitated cop who will override his basic sissy, coward nature to do violence on behalf of his masters by yelling like a deep-throated bitch. Listen to perhaps 20 arrests on You Tube and tell me these cops are not agitated, that most of them are not either afraid or angry.

Every act of police terror serves the political class.

Keep in mind, that the most effective combatants of the ancient world were the Spartans, who fought in silence to the tune of flutes, while their opponents, who were generally worth ¼ of a spartan guzzled wine, banged weapons and screamed to get up their nerve for a clash. They were succeeded by other types of silent killers, Agriannian special operations man-hunters, Roman Gladiators....

When a police officer screams commands his hearing will be compromised to some extent depending on his psychology. His adrenaline will also begin to pump.

Where the sniper and hunter coolly regulates his breath to better measure the squeeze of his weapon’s trigger the cop yells and screams and begins frenziedly jerking on his trigger, jerking off his iron dick of death to the masturbatory chants of law and order.

Other state terrorists of early modern times, those who preceded the policemen, were officers, who were armed to murder their own men in the back at close range with militarily ineffective weapons. Chief among these was the corporal, whose very names speaks of punishment.

The police officer is our officer, our soul driver, the blue hound at our back in the battle we are forced to fight against our own humanity.


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BobMay 29, 2018 8:36 PM UTC

Let's not let Phillip Mitchell Brailsford slip from public infamy without a comment about his androgenous appearance. "Mitch" ("Butch"?) might have been trying to prove something.
JoeFourMay 29, 2018 3:53 PM UTC

The cop who shot and killed the young man was acquitted of all charges:
JoeFourMay 29, 2018 3:48 PM UTC

Here's a link to very interesting discussion of the history of police—in answering the question: "Are Cops Constitutional?" (Conclusion spoiler—NO, they are not!)