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There Are No Innocent Victims, Just Volunteers
Living in the Shadow of the Migrant Crisis: Part Two by Teutonic Fist
When foreigners rape and murder, they mostly do it to one another. If they get their hands on a native, in 99% of the cases it was some dumbass fuckup who was seeking the company of these people. Middle aged females all over are collecting the Darwin Award and White Knight Cuckservative Media is jumping over themselfs as if the evil Dune Raider would have kidnapped some Goldylocks Girl from a Wheat Field and torture
her to death.
Compare to that the actual cases over the last months.
-Some swedish woman in her late 30s gets raped by a pack of Afghans, spiced with the sweet irony that she was a social worker and advocated for more third world migration into sweden. She tried to pick them up at a bar and the rest you can imagine yourself. What kind of woman goes around in her late 30s trying to pick up groups of third world
-Next case was some mid 30 year old irish woman that got raped while visiting prague and the video of the hotel room raid where they arrested the group of Algerians went viral among the anti-jihad cucks and reuploaded by gates of vienna, a big bravado sounding name for a plattform that cries and bitches about petty crimes as if it was the
Siege of Vienna and the Czech police officers the polish hussar cavalry rushing in to save some damsel in distress. But it was not, it was a 30 year old female sex tourist that got more third world attention then she intended.
-Even the case of the Italian Blondy that animated the Facist that looks like Cratos in God of War to go Taxi Driver on some Nigerians was the one of a 19 year old heroin addict that was simply easy prey for junglers looking for some voodoo ingredients.
Such cases are endless.
Behind 99% of the headlines like "Woman gets stabbed by asylum seeker" its some 40 year old fat sow with maybee one or two children from a previous marriage getting stabbed by her 10 years younger boy toy. Or its some 15 year old girl that has an "on- the-paper" 17 year old, but in reality 28-year-old Afghan boyfriend and when she breaks up with him he knifes her. What kind of social environment do you think produces
a people, that produces young girls that go out and say, "Hey, I should get a boyfriend form the lowest social and economical class there is and have sex with him."
Worthless cattle people, that's who producess such dumb prey animals. And in fact we should be thankfull to the dune drifters knifing these dumb cattle since this process is highly eugenic and down the road no native has to do it to cleanse his own people. Natural selection for sure isn't pretty, so harden your hearts for the horror that comes.
To be continued...
Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism
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jacobMay 30, 2018 10:03 AM UTC

I am guessing you are single teutonic
PRMay 30, 2018 12:58 AM UTC

He's right.