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Weaponizing the Water Bottle
A Man Question from Alex

“I walk through a fairly sketchy area to work. I carry a glass water bottle with me back and forth to work. Of course, on the way home, It’s empty. How would I best use this as a defensive weapon?’


First, Alex, the best bottle design has a long neck and is 24 ounces, essentially a whiskey bottle. A handle is always best.

Second, never walk with your bottle empty. Fill it from the tap or fountain at work before you leave. You are more likely to be attacked after work than before work, unless you work the graveyard shift and since you have a triple digit IQ you obviously work during the day.

Third, carry the bottle in a cradling fashion with your weak hand and be ready to switch it to your dominant hand by passing the un-gripped neck to the weapon hand. Just having a thing in the hand that is not a burden or a valuable is a deterrent. But the danger is it is perceived as a part of you and not classed as a potential weapon by regular viewers of your passage or men who are simply doped up or stupid. By going from carry to ready, you have given a warning signal that will dissuade many predators.

If approached from the weak side pass the bottle to the strong side into a neck grip and use the weak side empty hand to ward and measure as you lock in on your approaching target. This will help with accuracy.

If approached on the strong side, pull that leg back behind the weak side leg and do the same. Don’t pass a weapon from carry to ready toward an oncoming antagonist.

Once filled with water, the bottle will serve as a powerful one stroke paddle club to the head, most likely breaking into a jagged shank with which to ward off secondary antagonists. An empty bottle is not half as damaging as a full bottle and may not break into a shank.

Walk with care, young man.

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Nero The PictMay 30, 2018 4:11 PM UTC

An ice tea or Everfresh glass bottle are fearsome weapons. An old friend was jumped by a rival group of skinheads...He sustained a couple of blows to the head with a full heavy walled glass ice tea bottle. The bottle never even cracked. My buddies skull however was a different story The dude almost died and was in a coma for 10 days in Md's Shock Trauma Unit.

Drinking soda isn't generally a good habit but here's another idea for a beverage based weapons system.

The only good thing that Sean Penn ever did.
responds:May 31, 2018 3:30 AM UTC

Everfresh is my pick. If it doesn't break all the better—you can cave in another skull.