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‘How Can the Races Live in Peace?’
A Man Question from Prester Juan

“James, I was raised according to the liberal credo that once the races were integrated into American communities that violence would disappear. But now we live in a country were the media and politicians are continually playing this group off against that and fanning the flames for race riots. I have heard some black separatists say that the black community has been destroyed by whites luring the best blacks into suburban life and leaving their brothers and sisters leaderless. It seems that the fate of such black run cities as Baltimore and Detroit would bear this out. But could there be a civilized way of re-segregating?”

-Prester Juan

Warning: I am being asked to suggest a sissy [political/civic] solution to the problem of universal racial emasculation. Therefore, this is just a mental exercise.

Sir, Civilization brought us the problem and is not geared to a solution. Only Barbarism, which is the highest form of free association, offers a solution.

A civilization is, by definition, a society in which one group of dominant aggressors has successfully enslaved one or more groups of less effectively aggressive folk. This group will stay in power by one of two means and possibly both.

Method One is to play one group off against the other by the dominant elite selecting a proxy actor to keep their people in line for the good of the alien elite. For instance, Saddam Hussein served this function for the United States and was only removed from power and murdered when he decided to begin serving the needs of Iraq rather than the needs of the U.S. Our nation is organized internally, along the same predatory lines as U.S. foreign policy. We are simply trained like hungry seals to disbelieve this obvious truth.

Method Two may only be implemented after a long period of enslavement and the development of a comprehensive lie in the form of a body of literature that serves the doctrinal needs of the elite. This is emancipation from gross, physical, chattel bondage to a state of indoctrination in which the freed slave folk fancy themselves to have the ability to determine their community direction. Such a freed slave folk are managed via 4 tactics:

1. By using Method One, above, which is playing to longstanding racial animosity in order to focus the already clouded and addled minds of the freed slaves.

2. By using this sentiment and supporting propaganda employed in Tactic 1 above, to guilt the group targeted for intergenerational reprisals into indecision and self-doubt.

3. Most importantly, the emancipated population must be maintained in ignorance via the use of government schools, media cultivation of myths that play into longstanding animosities and the outright use of academic lies to hopelessly muddy the waters of thought to make them hard for even the clearest intellect to sort and rendering the enfeebled slave mind, with its deeply inculcated animosities, jealousies and other intellectually disabling emotions, a weapon in which to enslave its owner more surely than any chains.

4. Emancipation and empowerment of women is an end time feature of all collapsing societies, which harnesses the inner slave mind of the feminine to the purpose of absolute and universal servitude.

Barbarian Association

Where civilized segregation is enforced by deportation, murder, walls, wires, fences and violent reprisals, most humans naturally segregate into firstly, groups of like-looking, and secondly, like-minded folk, according to their biological/psychological propensities for free association. The proposed solution below is a simple reflection of the ages old practice of tribal peoples and will therefore not appeal to anyone reading this, let alone the less enlightened people who readers might know, and will therefore remain unrealized until there is an exterior, suprahuman disaster—SWEET METEROR OF DEATH HEAR ME! The reason is this, at your heart [this is true of this writer as well] you are a slave, and a slave wants nothing more than to live in a world where some other person or person’s points a weapon at those he disagrees with and forces those malethinkers to behave as he would have them behave.

Despite 50-plus years of forced desegregation in the United States, one will discover that almost every habitation zone in this vast nation has self-segregated into areas where one ethnicity enjoys a supermajority. Self-segregation, or rather Free Association, is the impulse of the natural barbarian person and is anathema to the civilized [and therefore slave] mind. The primary feature of natural, barbarian communities is free association and the secondary feature is that internal violence is taboo and bullies and murderers are exiled. The third feature of the natural, barbarian society is that outsiders are met with aggression as a general rule, thus venting the human aggression impulse away from the society and cultivating a healthy inner social mind. This was abided by the classical and archaic Greek Communities from which our civilization traces its metaphysical roots, and in this view, it is clear why such autochracies as Persia, saw the Greeks as barbarians. The Greco-Persian wars resulted in the Hellenes adopting the in group violence preferences of such established civilizations, with the primarily belligerents, Athens and Sparta leading the way in the spiral downward into civilized slavery of all.

Practical Postmodern Free Association

All municipal and state borders remain.

Existing voting districts will be polled for the purpose of the census.

Once the census is taken any voting district that enjoys a supermajority of one race of people, according to current census guidelines, will be declared a Free Association Zone.

Every voting district which does not have a supermajority will be declared an Inclusion Zone.

All voters from Inclusion and Free Association Zones will be eligible to vote in federal elections.

Inclusion Zones

These areas automatically ratify all federal presences within their jurisdiction.

All citizens will be eligible to vote in local, state and federal elections.

Free Association Zones

Or municipalities, such as Major Cities, where Inclusion Zones and Free Association Zones coexist.

These areas must vote to decide, agency by agency, whether or not a federal agency has jurisdiction in their greater municipality [city, county, town]. Federal taxes will still be paid. So if your redneck county doesn’t want to be under FEMA jurisdiction you still pay taxes to the feds and FEMA will not come to your aid in the time of disaster. On the other hand, if you vote FEMA in, they can cart you off to camps whenever they want to.

All citizens will be eligible to vote in federal elections.

Only members of the supermajority in the district will be eligible to vote in local and state elections.

In Free Association Zones, a poll will be taken among the supermajority as to their religious affiliation. Those with no religious affiliation may choose non-religious as their affiliation. If there is a supermajority religious affiliation among the supermajority ethnicity, than only members of that supermajority ethnic/religious affiliation may hold office.

I would recommend the following religious affiliation table:










Non-Aligned: atheist, agnostic


For example, most voting districts in the following areas of Baltimore City would poll as such:

South Baltimore would be a Free Association Zone, for white voters and religiously non-aligned office holders

East Baltimore would be a Free Association zone for Hispanic voters and catholic office holders

West Baltimore would be a Free Association Zone for black voters and protestant office holders

Northeast Baltimore would be an Inclusion Zone

Northwest Baltimore would be a Free Association Zone for white voters and Hebrew office holders

Cecil, Harford, Frederick and most other Maryland counties would be Free Association Zones for white voters and protestant office holders.


Essentially an Inclusion Zone would be what we have everywhere, chaos, mayhem, an inability to address social issues through the voting process because we have been set at one another’s throats, thus making a democracy a means for the enslavement of many differently identified peoples for the good of the overwhelmingly white elite. Being a crackpot, I believe that democracy functions according to its nefarious design and offer this as a stopgap solution until the Old Gods return, wipe the sissy slate clean and once again the strongest Tribes will survive and then thrive in their properly harsh place in the cosmos as the Pink Light of Civilization is snuffed out.

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