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How Darla Got Jumped
The POC Ho Patrol is Out of Control

A conversation I just had with a young paleface babe has me suspecting that before the century is half done that we will have, instead of Guardian Angels keeping citizens safe and interfacing with police, Hard Rolling Hos doing white bitch sweeps in coordination with thugs and police, driving very European American woman into safe houses, family homes and whore houses. It sounds ridiculous, but since we live in a police state the people who have adapted their behaviors to the police state during its formation, rather than those stupid palefaces who naively trusted it, will form an elite criminal class of liars, snitches and parasites.

Darla was in a Towson, Baltimore County, bar with a mixed race crowd, when a man asked her if she was with anybody and then bought her a drink. Darla is 5’ 6” and 120 pounds, a former collegiate athlete who is now working as a physical therapist.

Darla thanked the man, had a few words and walked back towards the restrooms, wondering if her friend had drifted back there. Determining that her friend had not accompanied her into the building, Darla turned to head back to the bar when she saw a coppery queen standing sassy and mean and bobbling her head at the man who had bought her a drink. She then cast eyes on Darla as our paleface babe tried to mind her own business.

The coppery queen then began morphing into combat incubator configuration and came for Darla with a readymade punch, intent on giving Darla the raccoon-eyed visage that she herself sported. The right fist came for Darla’s face and Darla parried with the bottle of Beck’s the man had bought her, splashing her foe with some suds.

Darla was trying to move past the POC combat incubator when she felt a hand on her from behind, which turned out to be the Coppery Queen’s hand maiden. Placing her right hand on Darla’s back and reaching underneath Darla’s left hand, she slid the beer bottle from her grasp.

At this very moment, as the Coppery Queen’s handmaiden held her lightly from behind, the stout ogress punched for Darla’s pale throat. Darla moved enough to her right that the handmaiden’s lax contact failed and the punch landed in her neck muscle instead of the throat.

Now, the blood of ancient Aryas awakening in her veins, the wrath of her race was upon her, and Darla’s hands closed on that thick neck. The mud queen and her maiden then ceased all attacks and spent their efforts prying the pallid hands of our heroine from their justly deserved place.

Unable to loosen Darla’s wrathful grip, the handmaiden then began beseeching an orcish warrior for help, demanding that he seize and hold Darla while the police were called. Darla wisely broke contact and walked past the stunned orc whose reluctance shone. Then, as Darla left the bar, the handmaiden and queen pleaded with the mud warrior at the door to place her under citizen’s arrest. However, Darla’s decisive bearing convinced this warrior, also, that the blue-suited angels of their municipal God would side with the one whose grandfather’s had built this city where they now so rudely squat, like Bedouin resting their camels in the shade of the pyramids, wondering dumbly at the mighty race who had once raised these monuments and then inexplicably vanished from the earth.

I believe that is the most metaphysically accurate description of a self-defense encounter I have related to date.

Rubbing Out Palefaces

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jacobMay 31, 2018 9:05 PM UTC

Darla Aryan Vs. Predator
ShepMay 31, 2018 4:06 PM UTC

Go Darla, go Darla, go Darla, go!
Sam J.May 31, 2018 2:25 PM UTC

Hard Rolling Hos doing white bitch sweeps in coordination with thugs and police, driving very European American woman into safe houses, family homes and whore houses.

This sounds exactly like the book "The Turner Diaries".