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The biggest misconception about the anti-islamisation movements in Europe is that they are a right wing movement. The anti-islamisation movement is not, it is made up of people who are leftis and are simply worried that with Islam entering the thread they can no longer be little lefti faggots enjoying their own weakness.
"The muslims were mean to my wife's son, the muslims were mean to my yellow mail order wife".
Its a movement of Elois and prey animals and that's why their critique against Islam are things like womens rights, gay rights, traditional gender roles and all in all that they are not lefti and faggy enough and let their skanks run all over their society. Many figures and members of the anti-islamisation and anti-immigration movement have a past with
leftwing parties and organisations, activily contributing to the problem they are now afraid of. Now they try to flee into some sort of pen and paper rebellion as if talking and demonstrations or even politics would be able to change the cultural climate or the overall pathological state of the society.
Also many are simply old boomers that have nothing better to do and are now faced with a reality that isn't realy any worse then when they were younger and the Red Army Faction shot RPGs at US Convoys, but now the difference is that their ass is old and they
entered the category of the prey animal that has no sons of his own to protect him, not that the old and weak would deserve that protection. If anything these milktoast rebellions against the consequences of their own actions and ideology make a compelling case in favor for the replacement of these people by Muslims or whatever else comes dragged along and is able to simply walk into an empty house.
Paleface Sunset: A Guide to Cultural Resistance in the Age of Felonious
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TWJune 1, 2018 8:31 PM UTC

Diversity + Proximity = WAR

Just looking at my default calendar on my ifag6s...and noticed a little dot (marker) usually for Holiday's ...the usual July 4th, Memorial, Veterans, Christmas....June 15 Eid-al-Fitr marked as a US Holiday. Go look for yourself if you have the default calendar...

What in the god damn F%^* are these Apple SJWsPoz doing.
jacobJune 1, 2018 6:50 PM UTC

Bingo bob.
Sam J.June 1, 2018 4:33 PM UTC

If the Jews don't pull this off it's going to go very bad for them. If everyone knew the things a lot of us know about the Jews there would be no mercy and more and more people know all the time. Whether they are the primary mover of all this shit or not they're the ones that are most publicly pushing it. Things are moving rapidly. We are moving towards some sort reckoning one way or another.

I really wonder what exactly their back up plan is if this goes tits up???? It appears to me their plans are carbon copies of what they've been doing all along before the internet but with the internet and the lose of any belief in the mass media we are in new uncharted territory. Yet they continue as if things were the same. Imagine a unknown guy in California runs for Senate on the stop Jewish Supremacy platform, Patrick Little, and is in second in the pols with 40% Asian support. He's spent like $5,000 on his campaign and is at this level of support. Maybe he doesn't win but...they'll be others. This sort of thing is unheard of.

Following Trump I've thought he was a savior, then, then a trap and lately maybe, just possible he could be some sort of savior but...I'm not holding my breath. He hasn't really done enough to stop the coming Armageddon. I think it likely some serious bad shit is coming. It still possible Trump is a dictator waiting to happen when whatever panic they have set up comes about.
ShepJune 1, 2018 4:16 PM UTC

Any chance of the football hooligans becoming interested in anti-Islamic activity?
BobJune 1, 2018 6:29 AM UTC

Not to mention the Israel-proxy, ISIS, with Baghdadi Jew Rita Katz as its media conduit.
jacobJune 1, 2018 5:42 AM UTC

Lots of anti islam movements are also sponsored by zionists. The strategy is evident, europeans and muslims will fight eachother until there is nobody left.
BobJune 1, 2018 5:06 AM UTC

I see the Gates of Vienna, Gatestone Institute, and almost all the anti-Jihad groups as one of two complementary strategies implemented by Jewish Organizations (not necessarily reflecting individual Jews' wishes, mind you) and their coalition of non-Jewish subordinates (RC and other churches, employers, politicians, bureaucrats, charity workers).

The Zionist wing, as laid down in PNAC, destroys secular national governments viewed as threatening to Israel, creating a flood of refugees directed towards Europe and other Western nations. Jewish diaspora organizations in the West insist that borders be porous and aid generous and enforce hate-speech laws against natives uncomfortable with losing majority status in their ancestral homelands. The migrants arrive and friction and discontent rises dramatically among the indigenous Europeans, Americans, Canadians, etc.. Rather than repatriating the Muslims, Jewish Organizations assist and protect them through the courts and political system, but throw the public an anti-Islam bone to gnaw. This while Zionists push the line "Unite with Israel!" in order that the public be primed for the next Middle East bombing, invading or blockading, always bankrolled/manned by Western nations' taxpayers. So the diaspora crowd get a disparate, internally fractious population and avoid majoritarian revolution, and the Likudniks get their Tigris-Euphrates messianic vision, gratis.

I've got to say, thus far it's working just fine, with many of the objectives already reached.