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‘Oh My God!’
One Woman’s Encounter with the Police State Goon Squad

From a phone call from Akira, from somewhere in the former Confederacy, on Friday, 5/11/2018 at 10:24 a.m.

Oh My God! I’m sitting on the McDonald’s parking lot, still shaking over what just happened.

I pulled into the parking lot twenty minutes ago and this dirty black SUV pulled up next to me with these dirty-looking black guys in it, looked like they have been off-roading in hell—and all around us swoops in FBI and ATF, cars, SUVs, police cars behind them at a distance.

I turned off my car and slid down in my seat and prayed they wouldn’t start firing, because I’d be right in it, hoping I didn’t get hit.

There must have been twenty agents with big guns pointing them at the SUV and yelling for them to keep their hands up, and then throwing them on the ground and cuffing them.

One of the agents with his big gun—like guns in a war movie, something the Expendables would use—looks into my window and I’m thinking, “Oh My God, am I going to have to get out and run when the shooting starts, should I roll on the ground or what?”

After he looks in and goes around I peeked up. There were knots of agents cuffing these guys and rooting through their vehicle and all of the customers and employees from the McDonalds and the Waffle House are out there with their smart phones filming this.

They had me boxed in for fifteen minutes.

I’m not even hungry now.

I just had to call and tell you. It seems the craziness is everywhere, only a stop away.

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jacobJune 1, 2018 2:09 AM UTC

Why do the police/state needs so much personal to arrest someone? 20 agents vs 3-4 hoodrats, doesnt make any sense to me.