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The Plight of a Hell’s Angels Prospect

Stoker has been prospecting for the Hell’s Angels for 23 years. He’s a middle aged man of slightly below average stature who likes to ride. He sought entry into the Newark, New Jersey area’s premier biker club and was doing a long apprenticeship when I met him on a job site this past April. For most of his life he has driven bus recovery tow trucks around the nation for an insurance company. It’s been a lonely life. Not long after our first meeting he was leaving the Angels’ clubhouse to get cigarettes for a member, running small errands on behalf of his sponsor…

“I don’t go in the clubhouse. Associates are not permitted in the clubhouse. I was guarding outside. If you see a car checking out the property you take down the description and the license plate. There had been a car watching the clubhouse that day. There was only one Member there when I left.”

A third party conducted the first interview for me and related his answers, largely in paraphrase, followed by an interview among ladies and a concerned gentleman at a red satin-clothed table. Stoker does not know that I have negative views of motor cycle clubs or the Hell’s Angels, just that I’m a boxing coach that writes books on violence. I write this from the basement of a strip club in North Jersey where I met Stoker, a carpenter by trade, in mid-April, sourcing from a conversation with Maria Biscotti, who employed Stoker to refit the dressing room [and has been quite hospitable to this low-rent writer] and from the Tuesday, May 8, 2018 issue of The Star Ledger of North Jersey.

The Pagan MC, founded in Prince George’s County, Maryland in 1959, have ramped up their turf war with the Hell’s Angels, a feud which began in the 1970s.

“The Pagans make all their money on dope and women. I’m not sayin’ that there are not some bad Hell’s Angels in the past or around the country. But the club I support owns real estate and sells branded merchandise, shirts, key chains, Sonny Barger’s book…it’s not about the crime, but about brotherhood. We are around the world. These guys are clawing out a place for themselves and targeting members and supporters.”

[A recent viewing of Hell’s Angels you tube footage certainly indicates that this is the image promoted by the club, with an almost exclusive focus on the riding lifestyle.]

On April 24 Stoker had pulled into a gas station after leaving the Clinton Avenue. Newark Club House when he was attacked by 54-year-old Robert “Hellboy” DeRonde of Edison, NJ and two younger accomplices. The leader of the Pagans, Keith “Conan” Richter, who has done 16 years for attempted murder, is back at the helm of the club and had given orders for DeRonde and others to attack Angels and be prepared to “do prison time.” Richter’s club is working closely with MS13 to bring in meth to Jersey and New York, which is an Angels stronghold.

DeRonde, who Stoker’s daughter had just served coffee to at a Dunkin’ Doughnuts, is a good deal thicker than Stoker by perhaps 50 pounds, has a great dome of a head, and was armed with an aluminum bat. Stoker stands 5’ 10” and weighed, at the time of the attack, 170 pounds. He’s around 160 now.

Stoker suffered a traumatic brain injury and is having trouble with recall. The main points he recalls were that they tried to take off his helmet and he fought to keep it on, as the Pagans are renowned for putting two bullets in the back of the head. Despite the helmet remaining secure, Stoker suffered a concussion, memory loss and is having anxiety attacks. This was a daylight attack during which bystanders stood and watched and also declined to call 911. The Pagans clubbed, kicked and stomped Martin until he was near death, with 4 broken ribs, a lacerated spleen, a lacerated liver and a punctured lung. He also has a bruised kidney and a severely bruised shin below the knee.

Below is Stoker’s account of the attack:

“I pulled into the station, stood over my bike, and began to reach for my wallet when I got hit in the back of the helmet and my head bounced forward. I thought someone was playing a joke on me and turned just in time to hear the ping of the aluminum bat again. It hit me right between the eyes on the helmet hard enough that I saw sparks and went blind and the helmet cut my forehead.”

“I was fighting off their attempts to get my helmet off—there were hands and the bat. I was on the ground—I don’t know how—when I got hit under here [the heart] and those two ribs snapped and went into my left lung. That must have been the bat. You can see where my [ulna] bones [hypertrophied wrist bones from years of heavy work] are dented in. I blocked with one and then pulled it back and blocked with the other [taking no perpendicular bone hits, which indicates he was down when blocking and the blows were descending]. So the two ribs that went into my right lung, they must have been kicked in. The rib around back [above left kidney] was definitely kicked or stomped in. The kidney and ribs are still killing me. I remember him standing on my right foot [turns foot out to demonstrate] and hitting me in here [right knee] with the bat. That aluminum bat was no joke. He was a big dude and he had help. They weren’t wearing their colors, I could see that much. But when my sight cleared I was paying attention to the bat and the boots and the hands—and the van!

“They didn’t get my helmet off. But I know who Hellboy is, you bet I do, and they dragged me in front of his work van. The police have it all on video. He has a plumbing business, and were going to run me over. Oh, I’ve seen people get dragged by vehicles before and it wasn’t happening to me, so I crawled, scrambled into the [gas] station. Now the people standing around, none of them called 911. When I got in the station I was looking for an interior door that I could get behind in case more were comin’ because the police sure as hell had not been called. This is downtown Newark. The Indian lady that owned the place, she would not let me in and also refused to call. I don’t hold anything against this guy taking orders and attacking me, but those Indian people that wouldn’t even make a phone call for me…that hurts. People were just content to watch me die.

“I have white power tattoos, but it’s not anything against niggers, it’s to support white people, just like black power is for black people, just like McDonalds gives ten cents for every pack of fries to black school students. And not a person there will help me except for this black kid—I’d say he was twenty-five—and I told him I wasn’t going to make it. I couldn’t breathe—both lungs were punctured—was wandering around inside the station trying to stay awake. It turns out my spleen and liver were also lacerated.

“I come to and I’m looking up at this cop, who is just leaning there against the ice cream machine kind of smirking at me, not doing anything to help me. Thank God this lady EMT came in. She was amazing, cut every stitch of clothing off of me, communicated with me and with the shock trauma team—who were totally amazing. They did a great job. I told them I didn’t want the trachea tube and they said it was up to me and went in through both my lungs and inserted hoses to drain the fluid. [Shows ¾ inch scar on either side above the second rib] When it came time for the hoses to come out—they did one a day—I had to hold my breath while they plugged it with their finger and then sealed it with tape.

“I was in there for 14 days, a 250,000-dollar hospital bill. My daughter has been taking care of me. The girlfriend had to go. I can’t be putting up with someone who everything is all about them all the time while I’m recovering from something like this. My memory has gaps and I’ve been kind of slow. But I have to move, I can’t just lay around—kind of pushing it.”

“The Angels suggested I cooperate with the police and help put these guys away. But honestly, I never saw their faces. The cops have all they need on the video—hell, the guy used his truck. They were making a statement.

[After Stoker left I mentioned to the club manager that if this was just a murder attempt they would have used the van to run him down on the road. He responded that a perfect, lonely stretch for that existed just beyond the scene of the attack, and agreed that this was an act aimed at garnering brutal prestige.]

Asked why he wanted to join the Angels, Stoker said it was “for the brotherhood” that he had no close friends or family and that after raising his daughter by himself he wanted a surrogate family, wanted to belong to something and have brothers to stand by him.

His daughter said that DeRonde was always a kind and polite customer and that she understands that he was simply following orders “from higher ups.”

Ironically, once he regained the power to walk a couple weeks ago, Stoker spotted a fellow Angels prospect who was now patched in and, glad to see him, walked up, placed his hand brotherly on his shoulder and said, “Hey, man.”

To this, the now patched-in Hell’s Angel snarled, “Don’t touch me.”

Stoker could only stand in shock and say, “But I almost got killed for you guys?”

I would like to remind my readers that some prominent masculinity authorities, with many times the reach of my modest efforts, have, of late, promoted outlaw motorcycle club organizations as a model for brotherhood and that an honorable man, after reading these 20-odd real life stories of biker criminality and cowardice, might differ of opinion. Remember, the prospect of such an organization exists so that he may be expended and discarded, and if he survives then brought in. Also note how many years—decades—Stoker has supported this fraternity as a hard-working trucker, and that the extremely effective violent men I have interviewed about their induction to similar Motorcycle Clubs, got in within a year based on their capacity to do violence. That says a lot.

Despite my editorializing above, Stoker is adamant that the Hell’s Angels owe him nothing and retain his full support as an associate.

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CollinsJune 3, 2018 1:06 PM UTC

Great reports and analysis, thanks.
SkeeterJune 2, 2018 10:16 AM UTC

I've decided to go ahead and shank myself after reading about Stroker!
WellRead EdJune 2, 2018 3:03 AM UTC

Prospecting for over 2 decades? He may as well call it quits and salvage what little time and pride he has left. The HA's see him for what he is; a pathetic Klingon that, without the "prestige" of being an HA associate, would just be an empty vest.
PRJune 1, 2018 10:18 PM UTC

And he has only hell to look forward to.

The Hell's Angels seem like awful people. There is no point in joining any brotherhood such has the HAs when all honor has gone out of men. Like you said, first fix men then form organizations.

He's on his third decade prospecting for these people - what a waste of a life.
BobJune 1, 2018 9:44 PM UTC

25 years and still doing coffee rounds? That's a sad case of Stockholm Syndrome.