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A Wife for a Heathen
Finding One That Won’t Throw You to the Wolves

“I want a wife to have children with. But how do you find a decent woman in this sick world, a woman that won’t turn on me like some rabid feminist or divorce me for voting for Trump?”

-Heathen George from Jersey City

The young man that asked this question I met in New York recently while waiting to have dinner with a lady reader who saw me on the Pat Dixon show and asked to have dinner and talk about writing, the next time I was in the pit of The God of Things. I explained to him, that one must first arm oneself with the social skills to interact with women in a non-seeking way, to have a platonic conversation with no goal or expectation, in order to better know her species. I walked the lady home after dinner and returned to the bar, one soul better at understanding her kind.

The men in this bar, in an upscale area of Manhattan, were either gay [4] married and with their wife [2], single and desperately seeking the companionship of the two young dames who crowded around me at the end of the bar [1] or packed up in narrow-shouldered solidarity, drinking and speaking of sports or music or gaming [10-14].

Just being solitary, confident, reading, standing rather than sitting and alone, made my ugly old ass a magnet for women, who generally seek one thing above all else, security/stability/strength. The pity was that in this pack of 20 men I was obviously the strongest—a worn out white-bearded runt, the most dangerous looking dude in the room! Can we blame our women for being disdainful of our sissified kind?

So, if you are a young man reading this site, there is no reason why that would not be you, the strongest human in the room. A single year of hitting weights and a commitment to some kind of fighting art would put you over the top. So first, learn how to be strong so you become a center of frail gravity wherever these dainty creatures are offered up for sacrifice. And that damned bar is not the place. Marriageable women congregate in quite another place.

If one attends any place of worship it will be noted that women of all ages outnumber men. If one attends a Christian university the disparity will be more stark and the men mostly shades of sissy.

If I were looking for a wife, I would do so among Christians even though I am a heathen. My wife would raise the children in her faith and I would never contradict her. A true heathen is solitary and needs no fellow religionists to buoy his spirit. Women need religion—they need congregation and faith together, not to be alone on a mountaintop spitting at the world. Almost no women can be decent without religion. By contrast, men, so long as they hold to a code of honor [which is an impossibility for a woman] can conduct business with religious men, make alliances with them, even die for them like a Turkopole for a Templar etc.

I have known numerous heathens like myself—old men, mostly gone—who conducted their life in this way and supported their wife in her religious instruction. In history, some of the best matchups were between heathen men and Christian women, including numerous barbarian kings and the last Aryan Chieftain in North America, Nathan Bedford Forest, who was essentially Robert E. Howard’s model for Conan the barbarian. Forest wore a thin veneer of Christianity and encouraged his son to follow his mother’s path and not gamble and fight like him and even requested Christian companions for his staff to provide decent company for his son. He was literally an honorable savage out of the back woods who asked a Reverend for his daughter. When a boy and youth I knew a number of men who worked or pursued a craft while the wife and children went to church. One of my best friends is such a man, with a large religious family led by his wife.

Women are the people who first infuse the children with a sense of morality and the men inculcate an actionable code at a later age that brings the youth whole into contention with our evil world. This is why the Jesuits and other catholic missionaries, by feigning or practicing celibacy and removing themselves from masculine realms, were able to gain access to Heathen and Pagan women and convert these societies from underneath, from an honor-based system to a submission-based system.

My thought, is that some men can behave honorably as Christians—the best men, the strongest men—but that most go sissy in its embrace. So, if you are a paleface and want your tribe to survive, I would consider making such a marriage. Without a strong religion women are leaves on the soul-eating wind of modernity. Note how easily they don the hijab and submit to lesser men, how many more women than men flock to occultists like Manson and Koresh. The only decent women I know who are not self-professed Christians, don’t believe in having kids or have already had kids.

If you want children that aren’t going to hate you—though they might be pained by the fact that your heathen ass is on the express train to eternal damnation—the only real choice in the U.S.A. that is left in this time is a Christian woman.


If one does this he should read the Old Testament and the New Testament in more than one translation so that you can intelligently discuss your wife and children’s faith with them. Since this is a historical religion, not something that was cooked up a hundred years ago, reading the history of ancient Rome and medieval Europe would make family conversations even more interesting. I find myself having pleasurable conversations with my sister and brother-and-law and their minister concerning their latest sermon. Sure, it saddens them that I am going to Hell, but they hold out the timeless hope of their kind that I might be converted on my deathbed or in feeble old age.

Christians and Heathens have the same ultimate enemy, Global Atheism, or as it is sometimes called Secular Humanism or Materialism. Also, good Christians, which are quite rare, tend to be hamstrung in dealing with malefactors by a certain naïve strain of compassion, so having a savage in the family tends to come in handy in tough times and the odd criminal circumstance. If this seems odd, its basically the theme of a large portion of movies in the Western genre, and is a very old ideal which can be traced back to medieval Christendom, which was, of course, formed of heathen material.

Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism

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Jeremy BenthamJune 4, 2018 5:58 PM UTC

Indeed, PR brings up a very important point that merits further discussion. You need to be very careful not to marry into a family of moochers and deadbeats. People who will expect you to play the rich uncle and loan (give) them money whenever they ask for it, for whatever reason they need it for. And if you insist on being paid back your own wife will be angry with you. On the other side of the issue, if you are overly generous in giving your money to YOUR relatives your wife is all too likely to be angry with you for pissing away 'our ' money (remember the money she earns is ALWAYS 'her money', but the money you earn is ALWAY 'our money'). Men have to be especially careful about this since women tend to marry up socially (Hypergamy), men tend to marry down socially (Hypogamy). Like PR said if you marry a woman from the third world you will have married the third world as well, and her relatives will expect foreign aid from the rich Americano. You might find yourself being pressured into becoming a link in the chain migration that is bringing more undesirables into our country. Likewise if you marry into an African-American family you will likely discover that it is part of their culture that the one who is is doing well financially is expected to share the wealth with family members who aren't doing quite so well (because of 'Racism" of course). That's a big part of the reason all those millionaire black pro athletes end up going broke so often. Where do you think that would leave you YT? Lastly don't imagine that whites are immune to being shameless moochers and deadbeats. All it takes is one psychopathic liar to ruin your life. Again, don't despair finding a suitable wife, but at the same time don't be the gullible dumbass so many people expect you to be these days if you want them to consider you to be 'nice' and 'compassionate".

"The number one reason people fail in life is because they listen to their friends, family, and neighbors."

—Napoleon Hill, 1883-1970, American Self-help Author
SidVicJune 4, 2018 12:44 PM UTC

To expand upon shep's comment, mail order brides are tricky. Russia and far east has crazy bitches just like we do here. Plus they are crazy in a culture alien to you. The internet brides are pragmatic, to be sure. One can be too pragmatic. Far better to live there and scout the good ones. My opinion, for whats that worth!
PRJune 4, 2018 10:33 AM UTC

James is right as usual except about Christian women. Fathers are essential to the Christian household and Christians are forbidden to marry non-Christians. You won't like her Christian values when it comes to many things. She will find it very hard to submit to a man with a different world view. The Bible in fact regards unbelievers as children of the devil, so she would have to submit to a child of the devil.

Jeremy and Sean have excellent points. Marrying outside your race is fraught with problems. It's one thing to be an Englishman marrying a Dutch girl, it's quite another to marry a Latin American or Asian or AFrican. I can't think of many examples that have withstood the test of time. Exotic women are fun until you're married and are suddenly the rich uncle to a whole bunch of third-worlders constantly asking for money.

That said, my white wife does not have a great family background and it has been a problem since her family doesn't provide any support and is so self-absorbed as to be useless. She was attracted to me because I had a backbone and was honest. It's sad this is so rare amongst men nowadays.
SeanJune 4, 2018 8:40 AM UTC

As a Christian I will add a few brief thoughts:

1. Keep your hands off our women!

2. With that being said I have watched many a good Christian woman fall for a non-Christian due to lack of masculine men among American Christians (Asian and African Christians don't have this problem)

3. This is how I attracted my wife at a Christian college. I was neither the smartest nor the most attractive of her suitors nor was I on track to be the wealthiest but I showed her honor and courage after I stared down a threatened to beat down a male who beat one of her friends.

4. Lastly I recommend the Christian practice of celibacy before marriage. Doing so keeps the man's mind clear of the intoxication sexual activity brings and keeps her from using her feminine wiles to trick your brain.

Good women do still exist in this world.
Jeremy BenthamJune 4, 2018 1:41 AM UTC

“Every intelligent person wants his child to look like him.”

- Muhammad Ali

This reminds me of some advice my high school science teacher gave the class some 50 years ago. He told us, " Remember, you don't just marry the girl, you marry the family too." At the time he said that, his advice made no sense at all to me. Some fifteen years I knew EXACTLY what he was talking about (Man, was Mr. G___ RIGHT!). That is something to keep in mind if ever you consider marrying outside your race, religion, language, culture, and /or political point of view: you will be joined at the hip with that woman's family and her/their belief system and everything in it good or bad. More than you ever were with your own family. Once you get married and the sexual attraction wears off all the differences in your beliefs that you were willing to overlook before when you were knocking boots everyday will suddenly become issues. Especially once you have children. Like what religion the children should be raised in (raising them in two religions means raising them in NO religion), what sports they should be allowed to play, whether they should be raised as vegans, and so on ad nauseum. Keep in mind that even the British Monarchy for all its resources has had a devil of time in recent years dealing with the dizzy in-laws of its scions. So like SidVic advised, take a good look at the woman's mother and family before you commit. People used to think it wise to stick to your own kind when selecting a life-mate, since there would naturally be more common ground between you, more things to a agree on than disagree about. Of course our culture is being deliberately torn apart and so many people's heads have been filled with utter nonsense, so it's becoming increasingly difficult to find anybody with whom you share common ground, much less a suitable spouse and helpmate. Realize that there is no cookbook solution to our problems, no jiu jitsu move that will vanquish the troubles that beset us today. The forces working against us are just too strong and in control of too many of our society's institutions at the moment for any easy solutions to work. Everything in our lives is just going to be struggle from here on. Just don't give up.
ShepJune 3, 2018 7:22 PM UTC

The NY Times offers an opinion:

My cousin-by-marriage (who is admittedly rich and handsome) met his Russian wife on line. Fifteen years and two sons later, all continues to go well. She is good looking, a great cook, and although she doesn't need the money, she works 5-6 days a week as an aerobic cycling instructor, just to stay in top shape.

SidVicJune 3, 2018 12:06 PM UTC

DO NOT FOLLOW james advice! The white wife and latino would be at each other with knifes drawn. The sushi wife would be poisoning your vittles. The black wife ... well its hard to tell what she'd be up to but you can bet it wouldn't be anything good. The greatest man of our generation, A. Schwarzenegger, failed to pull off even the latino-white combo. And that was with all that kindergarten cop money laying around.
BobJune 3, 2018 6:16 AM UTC

Maybe you'll get some hell credits for time in Baltimore.
jacobJune 2, 2018 3:01 PM UTC

James, do you think its important to find a wife within your own race? I've been thinking sometimes to find a sushi wife or something, white women are....weird
responds:June 3, 2018 2:33 PM UTC

Yes, I advocate same race marriage, though, having some subordinate wives in the house would make for a good support staff for the Aryan warriors you breed on the primary wife: the Latina could provide you with labor, the black wife with squires for your sons and the Sushi wife could provide the household management and accounting staff.
SidVicJune 2, 2018 2:07 PM UTC

I will give the advice an uncle gave me- not sure if is any good. "Sid, you are too wild. You are going to need a good wife as ballast. When you get ready, buy a good fitted 500$ suit- spare no expense. Then go to church and find you one there.

Random musings: while hackneyed -good families produce good wifes, study the mother carefully because that is what you'll have 20 years down the road (don't doubt me on this!).

I'm impressed by the Mormon women. They might insist you convert so i don't know how big of a pain in the ass that would be...

Eastern europe (where i got my wife from) has some hard core women. Its hit or miss but if you have occasion to live there for a year- do it. If you are american it will accrue to your desirability and you can punch above your weight and get a really good-looking smart well balanced woman to bring back.

Good luck bubba i don't envy you.