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‘Where the Birds Went’
Holy War: How Vasco da Gama’s Epic Voyages Turned the Tide in a Centuries-Old Clash of Civilizations by Nigel Cliff

Harper-Collins, 2011, NY, 547 pages

These impressions based on a reading of Part 1: Origins, pages 1 thru 121

Cliff weaves a lively narrative from antiquity up to the cusp of the modern world, where faith-based Man stood on the precipice of full-blown materialism. Yet, though the lure that beckoned the militant men of the tiny Iberian state of Portugal “to stalk Islam across the face of the earth,” might have been bald-faced greed in its most debased form, the fuel that buoyed such improbable enterprise on the part of so few, was Christian identity in its most militant form, The Knights of Christ, formerly the Templars, would ransack an entire world seeking the soft throat of the House of Islam.

Cliff stands with the standard liberal bias that the great cultural achievements of early Islam were purely Arabic, the desert tents having issued forth a race of born engineers and intellectuals, without spilling too much ink making that unmakable case. In the subtext one sees that the flowering of High Islamic culture sprang predominantly from the peoples—Zoroastrian, Orthodox and Catholic—who they enslaved and absorbed. Cliff’s narrative skills are of a high order, his research thorough and his use of quotes minimal and highly effective.

Although slavery and the transference of Christian Identity to White Identity concern the author not at all, he treads on a subject rooted in Civilization’s original engine: servitude, slavery, submission, concepts which figure heavily in all versions of Christianity and is absolutely central to Islam. It becomes clear with every passing book on the Age of Exploration and each primary text from the Plantation Era, that the industrialized exploitation of human property in late medieval Christendom and the early modern world was learned via contact with the Muslim world, and that Western Man never surpassed Islamic Man in the sacred industry of human trafficking. Medieval Europe was a place where people were regarded us unfree, with the upper class the servants of God and the vast majority actually regarded as one with the land and attached to it as slaves to whoever God granted suzerainty over the land. This manorial system was stable and not rabidly expansive in nature. In the breakout from besieged Christendom, the following periods and dates stand out:

1300s: Roughly 70% of gold currency in Europe came into the mined-out economy of Christendom via the Trans-Sahara slave trade, in which Iberian and Italian slave traders sold Catholic, Orthodox and Heretic European Christians to Islamic African potentates as labor, soldiery and sex slaves, with the men often sexually mutilated in Genoa or Venice for sale abroad. These human chattel are above and beyond those abducted by Islamic pirates. Portugal sold Portuguese men into slavery to serve as garrison soldiers in Ceuta Morocco. The total number of European Christians sold to Islamic masters between 1066 and 1453 is possibly comparable to the number bond over to North America from 1585 to 1804, perhaps 3 million.

1400s: The lateen sail from the Arab sailors of the Indian Ocean [one actual Arab technology] along with Chinese contact by far-ranging adventurers in those waters, armed the Portuguese with maps and ships [in the form of the caravel] which could explore previously unreachable lands.

1441: The first black slaves, about 10 in number, are brought back to Europe by Europeans.

1444: The first dedicated Portuguese slaving expedition to Arguin Island, off the coast of West Africa, nets about 200 slaves and at least two contemporary Portuguese writers are known to have cried at the anguish of these families being broken apart on the streets of Lisbon.

1445: Henry “The Navigator’s” first “bumper haul” of slaves is imported from Africa, having the effect of making Portugal a first world nation, as slaves were to the early modern economy what petroleum is to the postmodern economy.

1453: The fall of Christian Orthodox Constantinople intensifies and broadens the Christian quest to circumnavigate Africa and the world in order to strike Islam from behind. On a practical level, this severed the supply of highly desirable sex slaves from the Slavic regions of Eastern Europe and compelled the superrich Christian and Non-Christian European elite to purchase sexual property from less desirable sources. It is noted numerous times by Cliff, through his primary sources, that children were the preferred human commodity, as they could be hauled off at double the rate, be trained as sex slaves by age 12 and offer many more years of service than an abducted adult. These hard economics of monetizing the most tender humans in the closing centuries of the medieval age, informed chattel slavery practices in the Plantation Age to come.

1400-1700: It was the confluence of the Islamic and Jewish trade in Caucasian men, women and children, for the purpose of stocking baths, harems, couches and beds with sex slaves, with an awakening and increasingly materialistic Christendom, that brought the following terms into English American usage:

-Boy [male slave, originally from the British Isles]

-Girl [female slave, originally from the British Isles]

-Slave [Caucasian slave, originally of a Slavic ethnicity, from the Arabic, disseminated from the Middle East, through North Africa and into Italy and Iberia, along the same shipping routes that disseminated the bubonic plague]

-White [a post-Christian] European of Caucasian appearance, originating from a confluence of Islamic-African, Amerindian and non-Christian European concepts, entering into English usage circa 1700.]

So His Master May Have Him Again

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Sam J.June 6, 2018 9:38 AM UTC

First I'm not in any way claiming Whites are some wonderful benevolent peoples but it's my understanding the bulk of all the slave trade was controlled by Jews. Whether Slavs or Africans. This was widely known in the past but it's been mostly erased. Patrick Little is running for Senate in California. The main platform he is running on is against "Jewish Supremacy" he said that in the US less than 1% of Whites owned slaves but 40% of Jews did. Most all the Brazilian slave trade and in the sugar Islands was also in their hands. This is according to Jewish writers as owning a lot of slaves at one time was bragging about your wealth and predominance so they put it in writing themselves. I personally believe that the mental quirk of Jews, I think they are a tribe of psychopaths, would lend itself very well to zero compassion slave trading. Right now they are still presently at the same trade. They presently get Russian, Ukrainian, etc. girls, break them with rape and use them in brothels in Israel. I know this as a fact. There's a lot of data on this if you hunt for it. That they are also involved in the same sort of thing with children there's some evidence but I couldn't prove it with the same surety. I believe it though. They don't seem to have changed for thousands of years. Parasiting on everyone from the beginning.
responds:June 6, 2018 8:03 PM UTC

Sam, I will use this as an article starter as I've been around the question with my recent reading. RT did do an in depth article on the current trade in Slavic sex slaves being centered in Israel. One of the female reporters was raped by a Bedouin. This will have to remain off this site or the blogspot, but I should be able to post it as a private patreon entry without getting burned.
jacobJune 4, 2018 3:07 PM UTC

It's fascinating how the elites have abused us for thousands of years yet still we worship them

Boggles the mind