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Building a Better Tribe
Musings on Masculine Direction

Numerous young men have inquired as to my opinion on forming new tribes of like-minded men in order to preserve their morality, liberty and identity.

As morality and liberty collapses in the wake of the negation of identity [for it has been roughly 50 years since it has been socially unacceptable in the media to identify as a person of the racial majority in America], as our skin becomes our uniform in an undeclared race war and the term assigned to us by our financial betters in another age [for their protection] is turned against us as a slur, when one finds himself living in the era where he is persecuted for the condition decreed by his birth, what does a man do to escape erasure?

The racial majority has been encouraged—browbeaten—to identify as American or human, while the racial minorities have been encouraged to identify according to their racial identity. This only makes sense if the goal is to suppress the racial majority as a labor force with the minorities emerging as shock troops for the system.

One of the few things I believe in is that the current global financial system is dedicated the reduction of all humanity to a racial monocrop that will be subdivided into many genders, the creation of which will lie in the hands of the corporate entities which control the nations which control the population. In the future, birthing masculine humans [there will probably be 5 masculine strains] will require the highest security and compliance scores and be very expensive, while neutered genders will be cheap and actual breeding females will be outrageously expensive and controlled by joint political-corporate protocols.

Tribalism is an attempt to forestall the reduction of the human being into a moral automaton.

Seeing that the removal of identity collapses notions of morality and liberty, well-meaning men such as White Nationalists and Black Nationalists have generally moved to restructure identity first. As a combat coach I find this system to be akin to retraining a fighter by reintroducing him to his style from the outside in, to remerging him into the unique identity he won in the ring. Noting that aging fighters [and extrapolating this to an aging race or nation] that have successfully reinvented themselves have always adopted a new style, a new way of mechanizing his now different body, I suggest that one should do with racial and national identity what a coach would do with a fighter seeking rejuvenation, mainly by getting “back to the basics.” In fighting this usually results in an old fighter emerging with power equal to his youth, with the application of this power relying less on the speed and agility of youth and more on the timing and subtlety of maturity. Very often, what you have is a man [like Hagler and Foreman] who would have defeated his younger self.

In terms of the tribal extrapolation, the core of morality is honor. Honor, something most women are incapable of, is there for absent in dying societies which also feature increased feminine authority. Therefor the development of HONOR is key to the resurgence of an organic morality rather than the top-down morality that postmodern reactionaries propose.

Secondly, morality buoyed by honor, is the key element necessary for notions of liberty. This requires a commitment to build a better individual man before building a better group, as building the group first attracts the mentally weakest and most submissive minds. For this reason, some societies, based on submission, performed poorly in the past, namely the satraps of the Persian Empire and later the Sultans of Islam. Where submission to group authority is the primary value of a man, men grow weak.

Once you have cultivated a ground for the growth of better men and the forging of the masculine soul, from which practical tactical solutions for the resistance of the ever-evolving systems of human erasure to which we are enthralled, will naturally emerge.

I suggest masculine cultivation of future identity over reactionary replication of past [and by definition failed] identity, an identity conceived in the past but reborn, a grandchild who honors his bootstrap grandfather rather than his decadent father as an act of ascendant identity.

Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism

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BobJune 6, 2018 1:22 AM UTC

There's also the worrying and unexplained secular downtrend in serum testosterone among American males.