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More on Christian Wives for Heathens

I tried to answer PR as a comment, but decided to place it as an article, since he was not the only Christian reader who was displeased with my suggestion to a young Heathen paleface to marry a Christian girl.

To those who take offense, the means by which Christianity came to Europe, through the Roman Government under Constantine, thence throughout northern Europe was by way of conquest and often via Christian queens converting their pagan kings. After the Council of Nicea, Christianity spread in a top-down fashion, whether peacefully or by war and terror. One might argue that Catholics and Orthodox Churches were not Christian, but then one is left to contend that Christianity slept for a thousand and more years, or perished over and over again as various heresies, which were all exterminated. So, by arguing that Christendom was not Christian one is making the cases that Christianity slept or lay prostrate and suffering from roughly Augustine to Luther.

Are Nestorians Christians?

Are Copts Christians?

They say they are. Many American Christians would say they are not.

Where the Arians Christians?

They contended that they were and the Catholics disagreed terminally, wiping them out.

Modern American Christians would, I suppose, agree with the Catholics, as the Arians held that Jesus was a divinely inspired man.

Do Lutherans still make the grade, now that they are basically Narcotic Anonymous hosts and non-Christian immigrant traffickers?

These issues, alluded to by PR and flatly stated by Sean, that many millions of people who today consider themselves Christians, are not considered Christian at all by the most pious, really makes my case. Below, is my edited answer to PR. Beforehand I would like to make a clearer case.

As a heathen, and I was advising a heathen, who has spent my life side by side with many self-professed Christians, I have noted a higher than average proportion of sissies in their ranks and also better women, who care more for their children, don't fire dope, are not sluts—the entire suite of feminine characteristics [except the basic stupidity which afflicts that gender] is better among women who believe that they are Christians. Women who identify as Christians are, other than Jewish and Indian women, the only kind of Caucasian women who believe in appreciable numbers, in having families. So, if you want a family, Atheist and agnostic women are not even eligible and neo-pagans are almost none existent. I was recently witnessed to by a Latina "Born Again Christian" who is married to a non-Christian paleface who she is working on converting. She accepted Jesus as her savior after the courthouse marriage.

If you are racially identified according to the absolutely non-Christian label "white" and you want to have children that look like you, you will probably need a wife who thinks she is a Christian, even though PR and Sean would gladly tell you why she is not a Christian.

The fact is, that through the entire history of the expansion of Christendom beyond Europe, to not claim you were Christian [whether in Protestant, Heretic, Orthodox or Catholic nations] was a death sentence. Christianity was upheld by the gallows, the stake and the dungeon and it was spread by the sword, the book and most of all via the Postmodern Almighty: money, our current most-worshipped God. During this time, many heathen hearts wore a Christian mask and most of these masks were worn by men.

Keeping in mind that I was advising a self-identified Aryan, who wants children of his race, I could not very well suggest a Jewess or one of the millions of non-white Christians.

I am interested in being provided by Christians in the know as to which of the numerous churches which claim to be Christian are not. I understand that Catholics, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Coptics and Russian and Greek Orthodox churches, though their members and leaders claim to be Christian, are considered by Pentecostals and some Southern Baptists, to be engaged in unwitting devil worship. I would suggest then, in honor of my deeply Christian associates, that heathens pick brides from amongst these groups and get married in their Church. Since hardly any of these people have ever read a bible, just reading it once and memorizing segments will place you better to discuss the sacred texts than most of your bride's fellow faithful.

[Don't go to Sean's church looking for a bride lest his Christian foot be found residing in your heathen ass.]

Sean, PR: care to enumerate the various protestant churches that no longer make the Christian Grade?

I am curious about Greater Grace World Outreach, the largest evangelical church in the Baltimore area. Should I send my heathens there to get brides or are these people Christians in your book that should be left to the Latino and Muslim immigrant men flooding the area?


There is a math problem here, PR. And I saw it in my own family and others. I understand that if you are a Charismatic Christian that many Protestants and all Catholics are not regarded as Christians. However, these people ALL regard themselves as Christian. I am not addressing tip-of-the spear Christianity, but the issue of the majority of women who identify as Christians. If a man is looking for a wife he is going to ask HER if she is Christian, not ask you or Sean if her denomination qualifies as Christian according to points of doctrine.

Now, my sister belongs to one of those churches that regard everyone except a very few evangelicals as non-Christian and Catholics as devil worshippers and their men are almost all sissies. Yes, they reproduce, but do not bring men into the world who are ready to fight it. Also, they share houses and family get togethers with blood relatives who are catholic and therefore headed to Hell. So I see models all around me where Christians are married to and living with spouses and parents who believe they are Christian but are not according to other people who identify as Christians. So, outside of the strict bounds of the most rigorous Churches, I have seen through most of my life that women who consider themselves to be Christians have generally married men who affect a Christian demeanor and who attend church alongside their self-professed Christian wives, knowing all along in their heart that they are not believers themselves. Almost everyman I knew growing up just went along with his wife's religious inclinations to keep the peace and provide a basic morality for his children—except the Jews [lots of sissies]and the Pentecostals [above average ratios of violent men, which I count as a good].

I know that Christians are not all sissies. The mentally strongest man I coach is Christian. Years ago, my Pentecostal friend, Howard, tried to kill my brother with his bare hands for listening to an ACDC album in my father's house in 1980. A bloody heathen stopped him.

I know that Christians don't like the idea of a dirty heathen marrying one of yours, but there are a lot more decent Christian women than masculine Christian men, so I suggest you look upon these ladies as missionaries or direct the heathen men toward those churches who think they are Christian, which I am inclined to see as the most sustainable compromise.

In the meantime, in the bigger picture, if Christian palefaces don't start growing balls, and heathens don't start having sons with non-heathens, this race's race against the bankers is lost. The Aryan portion of the human genome is actually in competition with world finance. We all need to understand that.


PS: I didn't forget you Sam J. Man the curch door!

Under the God of Things

Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism

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BobJune 7, 2018 9:06 PM UTC

@ Sam J..: Listen from 38:00 about the Hutterites, another robust, fecond group.
BobJune 7, 2018 8:39 PM UTC

Great comment, Sam J.. These guys are going to weather the storm.
Sam J.June 6, 2018 7:00 AM UTC

I'm a Christian, just not a very good one. I can't stand church as they blather on about Zion and it dries me into a rage. These people are totally brainwashed by the Jews.

If you want a real Women you need a Mennonite. There's Mennonites in a community near where I live. I have a friend that lives there. He always buys baked goods and stuff like that from them. I was in this store waiting in line and this young Mennonite girl came up behind me with her baby in her arms. She was nearly overcome with love, pride and joy for this baby. I could feel it emanating from her very powerfully. She LOVED that baby. I said to her,"that is at beautiful baby". She almost died she was so happy, it amped up all her emotions to a fever pitch. I wasn't trying to pick her up, I meant it. Her and her baby were a joy to see, (this area is filled with Dindus and she, of course, was so White she glowed like porcelain). If you can get a Women like that life can be good. It's very difficult to express in words the absolute joy this Woman emanated. This random meeting I can remember from decades earlier.

You don't see that so much these days. Women overjoyed they have a baby like that.

Mennonite girls are hot.

and their kids are happy

Around here they can use cars and electricity, I think, but they dress like the above and live more simply.
nealJune 5, 2018 1:23 PM UTC

There are some places to seek slightly civilized barbarian women.

Intertribal Pow Wows. Mountain Man Rendevous. Cowboy Action Shooting.

Kind of like outdoor barbarian church socials. Worked for me- been married thirty years.
responds:June 5, 2018 11:19 PM UTC

Thanks for the tip, Neal and congrats on the 30 years.
KoanicJune 5, 2018 8:11 AM UTC

On the contrary, these women are not Christians.

If they were, they would have no trouble securing a Christian man. Even if it meant doubling up.

"Thou shalt not be unequally yoked."

Heathens do no wrong by poaching morally superior brides.
responds:June 5, 2018 11:20 PM UTC

Here is to doing no wrong—a lot.
jacobJune 5, 2018 1:17 AM UTC

Hussites were bad ass warriors they won pretty much every battle they entered
PRJune 4, 2018 10:26 PM UTC

Part II

There is not a good history of evangelicalism that I know of other than it was formed by fundamentalists in response to the decline of mainline Protestantism's rejection of inerrancy (see part I). It is a very theologically diverse group consisting broadly of Southern Baptists, some PCA churches (an offshoot of the declining liberal PCUSA which is itself in decline), and a bunch of independent churches and megachurches run by Big Men along a congregationalist model. Barna has been polling Christians in the US since the 1980s and has found that over 57% of Evangelicals aren't "Christian" at all because they hold views that reject one of the historical ecumenical creeds like the Nicene or Apostle's Creed. For lack of knowledge, the people perish.

I think you're seeing a theme here: the gradual rejection of Christianity amongst American Protestants has led to their numerical decline. Even though mainline liberal Protestant churches have conservative offshoots (the OPC, PCA, Missouri SYnod Lutheran Church, etc), these denominations are much smaller than the ones they left.

I don't have a great answer to your question of "What is a Christian" other than, broadly, a Christian holds to the ecumenical creeds as they were historically understood. This is the best definition of the Christian church:

What should Christian women do? Not marry unbelievers. They have a different world view (2 COrinthians 6:14). A truly Christian woman will have a lot of heartache being with an unbelieving man, and vice-versa. Jesus and Paul both said it was better not to marry, but marriage is better than burning with lust.

There are a lot of "Christian" women who were brought up in the church, have the values, and don't believe and probably won't attend after "college." These are probably the best prospect for the men on here. Better yet, everyone reading this should repent and believe!

I don't know what will happen to the Western church. Obviously it is in steep decline but is growing in the East and Africa. I don't control all this. YOu should come to CA and hang out with some of your fans and we can talk about it!
PRJune 4, 2018 10:12 PM UTC


Part I:

I agree with most of what you've written and agree that the math is grim and that most Christian men are sissies.

What is a Christian? Protestants believe that a Christian is someone who trusts in Jesus alone for their salvation. We believe this is what the church fathers taught and even the Roman Catholic church taught in many places until it was declared anathema by the Council of Trent in the 1500s. Since then, the Roman Catholic church is considered heretical by us. They consider us heretical also. Nestorians and ARians were considered heretical for a long time for rejecting certain clauses of the Nicene Creed. They formed the Church of the East which was wiped out by Islam and the Chinese as documented in "The Lost History of Christianity" by Jenkins. Eastern Orthodox have basically an identical view of salvation to the Roman Catholic church, so we would not consider them "Christian."

This brings us to Protestantism. Mainline Protestants - Lutherans, Presbyterians, Anglicans, Methodists, and the Reformed adopted the higher critical method in the early 20th century (read up on the fundamentalist - modernist controversy or "Christianity and Liberalism" by Machen). Having rejected Scripture as the Word of God in exchange for rationalism, these denominations declined into homosexuality and Gaia worship and are now composed mostly of blue-haired old people. The Presbyterian church used to compose the largest denomination in the US and formed the bulk of the irregulars who fought King George in the Revolution. The decline of this denomination has correlated perfectly with the decline of the US.
responds:June 5, 2018 2:55 AM UTC

PR, this is very useful and jives with my observations.

On one hand it is a good thing that protestants are ready to get out from under the kind of materialistic weight and perversion that has plagued the catholic church. But it does reduce influence.

From my perspective, reduced influence in a sick world is a sign of moral value.

However, if you have influence in this sick world, what does that say?

I have often wondered concerning the ancient Christian heretics—there are a half dozen types of Christian heretics I have forgotten—Bogomils, Cathers and Hussites I recall, did they have survivors who preserved some of their spirit or doctrine through the middle ages?

Thanks for your indulgence, PR.
jacobJune 4, 2018 8:01 PM UTC

How long has humans existed for? A few hundred thousand years? Christianity is what, 2000 years old?

Christianity is of itself a race mixing religion since "everyone is equal" and from what I remember we were all one race before the tower of babel.

I grew up christian (my name is pretty telling) and what annoyed me the most was the flagrant hypocrisy. I think Christianity in and of itself is a war against reality and nature. It's an effort to control nature and man. It will, of course fail because we are not gods. Even though the elites have tried to instill that feeling in us, think for example of all remote control that makes you feel in power. Driving your car, cell phone, tv. From that moment the system takes care of everything and we depend on the system.

Reminds me of the protocols of the elders of zion
responds:June 5, 2018 1:53 AM UTC

There is a fundamental universality to Christianity which makes it the natural rival of ethnically or racially identified folk. This rendered its spread under Roman rule a forgone conclusion as Roman citizenship provided a pretext for ethnic erasure on the basis of universal values. For this reason. I think the term "white" was coined, to erase both Christian identity and true racial identity such as Scottish, English, Irish, Cornish, Welsh [all called British now] of the targeted slave populations. This also lends power to the racially identified Christian due to what Evola would have termed the metaphysical tension. See Robert E Howard's character Solomon Kane for an example.