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Back in Harm City
Manny and Mary,Thanks for Sheltering this Damaged Brain

On April 18, Manny and Mary, two Jersey City residents who own a Manhattan strip [sorry Gentleman's] club hosted my dithering carcass for a few training sessions, including accommodations for my fighter, Erique and permitted me to ruminate about their pool [which I avoided until discovering it was too shallow to easily drown in] until June 3 as I finished 2.9 books.

Thanks to the Biscotti household [actually, I think the strip club is a place where they launder their trash hauling business profits] my ongoing attack on this feedlot of shackled souls will have three more blunt objects in the inventory:

-Woke Devil [I had to retitle the magic negro book or it would be banned]

-Why Grownups Suck: A Journey into the Insanity of the Adult Mind

-Barbarism versus Civilization [the most offensive subtitle still under consideration]

Mary, duly horrified about the content of my self-parenting manual for 10-12 year-old prisoners of this adult freak show we live in, did write a three page outline for a survival booklet she wants me to write, which should be completed by July.

Manny and Mary, thanks so much for your generosity. I never thought to make such good friends so late in life.

Take care.

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MannyJune 5, 2018 11:25 PM UTC

Thank you James. We all miss you already, including Teddy and Bailey. It was a pleasure to have you as a most friendly and enjoyable guest. You’re welcome here anytime. Best regards, Manny.