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'Purity Spirals'
Dennis Dale and Tony Cox

Big Boy Tony is supposed to meet my runt self and Mountain Man Ishmael this summer and, while listening to Dennis Dale's podcast I found him tonight in the voice.

This is very important to me.

You see, while in Manhattan, flying on Mescaline airlines, sponsored by Manny, and financed by Tony's Snail mail donation, I discovered that... the last $20 dollar bill I was about to use to fend off this Columbian whore with the impossibly perfect body, who was fucking my thigh and drinking my $15 dollar shot of Johnny Walker Black, was speaking Alt-Right Pashtun, and armed with the self-deprecating fact that I had already succumbed... and was doomed for, Oh no!...

Dude, next time send a get out of frail jail card...

Thanks, Tony, for the support.

And thank you Dennis for getting Tony on your podcast.

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