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Johann Gets His Gun
Living in the Shadow of the Migrant Crisis: Part 5 by Teutonic Fist
The News Cycle in regards to these events did its own to scare the population into a wide range of attempts to arm themselfs. Old boomers try to arm themselfs because they are simply weak and watch too much TV. Foreigners try to arm themselfs because they are scared of retaliation from the Right. And the media does their fearmongering reporting that gun sales are up when 90% of that is garbage like blank fire pistols and such nonsense. Either you get a real gun or you can fuck off anyway, but in reality guns are overrated and if you need one in a self defense situation, so many security measures broke already that you are just fighting a rearguard action. As a usefull tool for the idle task at hand they play just a minor role.
The real reaper is the explosive device and most casualties today are inflicted by IEDs. Gangs in Sweden use Handgrenades as an effective terror weapon because other then the gun it is a cheap, one time use means the operator can use it without being in the the direct like of danger. If you aim at someone, someone can aim back at you. And thats the most usefull thing you can use blank cases for, as blasting caps for grenades and IEDs. The crux of this tactic is, that it frees you of your role as the moral victim acting in self defense like a gun in your holster could do. If you use grenades and IEDs, you are the terrorist. You potentialy harm innocents, if you believe there is such a thing, striking out from ambush without provocation. Sometimes this is what is needed to be done yet the horror to see oneself in that role and to be judged by that action is greater then the horror man in a postheroic age has of the things that would happen if he wouldn't do it. He wants a gun in his hand and not a landmine buried in the playground sandbox in a migrant neighbourhood because he wants to be the Hero the easy way, by simply consuming it, by buying it.
That is how Johann gets his gun.
Paleface Sunset: A Guide to Cultural Resistance in the Age of Felonious
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PRJune 7, 2018 2:47 AM UTC

I agree that far too much emphasis is placed on weaponry by martial artists and preppers. The Left, for example, hasn't had to fire a single shot in its takeover of Europe and North America. However, let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Obviously weapons are useful and the right to keep and bear arms is a human right. If this weren't true, the Left wouldn't be trying to ban weapons and self-defense. Women are not situationally aware which is why they make easy prey and need weapons when their men aren't around, and they're never around in the West (See: Rotterham).

You seem like a guy with little to defend. Otherwise, your commentary has been very useful and changed my mind on cuck counter-jihadists who are always complaining about how bad things are getting for gays and women in Europe.